Use this repository to get to grips with the design patterns in our main repo.
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Styled Components with Wobbly Tutorial

Use this repository to get to grips with the design patterns in our main repo.

  1. Make sure you've installed, yarn, and node to your machine, and your command line works. Git also makes the process easier, but is not a requirement.
  2. Yarn installation please check the URL: Yarn If you are using installer to install yarn make sure to install Node.js first, please refer to
  3. After successfully installed yarn, there is one more step to check. If you are a Windows user, go to Edit system environment variables. Click on Environment Variable button and check the Path. Make sure the path to yarn/bin is the same as your laptop/PC. The default setting of path after installation may not be the same as on your system. If it is not the same, use Edit to change it according to your system's setting. edit_evn_variable
  4. Fork this repo, by clicking fork on the github page of the tutorial. Then $ git clone [your-username]/tutorial. Alternately, download the repo as a zip from your fork, then extract it to the directory of your choosing. fork and clone
  5. $ cd tutorial-master. If you have named the folder differently cd to your folder where you saved the repo in the Command Prompt.
  6. Run $ yarn install new yarn install
  7. Run $ yarn start, Wobbly app will be opened in your browser on localhost:3000 start new localhost
  8. INSIDE THE APPLICATION → Making and using stylised components.