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TourGuide is an interactive leveling guide addon.
It is designed to provide the user with a streamlined order of quest completion with smart detection.
It is also designed for easy creation of “guides” for users with little-to-no programming knowledge.

Where are the Wrath guides?

Wrath guides are in progress and will be released as they are completed. Note that I do not (yet) have a hordie to test guides on, so Ally guides are coming first.

If you would like to help, install TourGuide Recorder and email me the savedvariables it creates.


  • Automatic detection of objective completion
    • Detect quest accept, completion and turnin
    • Detect travel (by foot, flight, boat and stone)
    • Detection of flight point discovery
    • Detection of Hearth point change
    • Conditionals based on class, level and item possession (only tell the player to accept the quest if they have the item that starts the quest)
  • Small “lego block” style frame shows current objective, detailed tooltips on hover
  • “Use item” frame, for those annoying quests where you have to use an item on a mob before you kill it, or you have to equip something, or you have to use an item to start a quest
  • Pop out frame for detailed view of quest sequence
  • Automatic mapping of coordinates with TomTom and questgiver locations from LightHeaded if installed
  • LDB data feed, for those that would rather use a LDB display than the built in “lego”


There is no way to query what quests you have completed. If you start using TourGuide on anything except a fresh level 1 toon, you will have to manually check off what quests you’ve done in the guide you load. You may run into chain quests or followups which you cannot do because you didn’t do the prerequisite quest.

Level ranges on the guides are general guidelines only, mainly designed to help you find what guide you should start with for your current level.

TourGuide does not provide coords for every single objective. If you are lost check with LightHeaded or Wowhead and submit a bug so notes can be added to the objective.

If you wish to use the “use item” frame from a keybind or your actionbar, make a macro: /click TourGuideItemFrame

Horde guides are not up to par with the Alliance guides, I’ve not been able to playtest them much. Never fear, they’re getting rewritten bit by bit.

Submitting bugs

For details on how to submit bugs, please read this page

How to create (or edit) guides

TourGuide data files are fairly simple to create.
The simplest method is to copy an existing file and edit it how you want.
Please read How to edit TourGuide guides for help on the format and general guidelines.
I ask that all submissions follow these guidelines, to present a consistent format to the user.
I welcome all submissions, but reserve the right to edit them as I see fit, or reject ones that infringe upon Joana’s, Kopp’s or any other copyrighted guide.

See this page for details on how to fork my github repo to push your changes.

If you use Joana’s or Kopp’s as a source do not infringe on their copyrighted material (the notes and comments), I cannot accept guides that are a direct ripoff of their works.


Visit my site for more great addons
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my Google Code tracker
Please direct all feedback and questions to my Google Groups mailinglist

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