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Docker-based Drupal environment for local development

Documentation Status


Docker4Drupal is a set of docker containers optimized for Drupal. Use docker-compose.yml file from this repository to spin up local environment on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Docker4Drupal is designed to be used for local development, if you're looking for a dev/staging/production solution consistent with Docker4Drupal check out Wodby.

Read getting started.


The Drupal bundle consist of the following containers:

Container Service name Image Public Port Enabled by default
Nginx nginx wodby/drupal-nginx 8000
PHP 7 / 5.6 php wodby/drupal-php
MariaDB mariadb wodby/drupal-mariadb
phpMyAdmin pma phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin 8001
Mailhog mailhog mailhog/mailhog 8002
Redis redis redis/redis
Memcached memcached _/memcached
Apache Solr solr wodby/solr 8003
Varnish varnish wodby/drupal-varnish 8004

Supported Drupal versions: 7 and 8.

Supported PHP versions: 7.0.x and 5.6.x.


Full Docker4Drupal documentation is available at


If you need support please post an issue or join us on slack.


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.