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LunaLua - LunaDLL with Lua, is a free extension for SMBX 1.3 game engine, core of the X2 project.


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LunaLua - LunaDLL with Lua is a free extension for SMBX game engine This version is based on LunaDLL ver. 8 with Lua Support.

Quick Overview


  • Increasing of total performance
  • Fixes of some bugs
  • npc-*.txt with decimal numbers will no more crash SMBX with "runtime error 13"
  • fixes a random crash caused by contacting of the mushrooms with a lava blocks
  • OpenGL render support
  • SMBX's audio engine has been replaced with the better and more flexible SDL2_mixer library which also gives to SMBX the internal support of a lots of additional music formats
  • Added PGE's sounds.ini and music.ini support which gives ability to have custom musics (include world map musics!) and custom sound effects per episode.

Download links

Requirements to build LunaLua yourself

Visual Studio 2015 (msvc140 compiler) or Clang 14

Building LunaLua on Linux

The CrossCompilation folder is a modified version of

Setting up headers and libs

  • Install Visual C++ build tools 2015 and Windows SDK v7.1A (either on Windows or on Wine)
  • Copy all files and folders from Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0/VC/include/ to CrossCompilation/msvc/include/
  • Copy all files and folders from Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/10/Include/10.0.10240.0/ucrt/ to CrossCompilation/winsdk/Include/v7.1A/ucrt/
  • Copy all files and folders from Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v7.1A/Include/ to CrossCompilation/winsdk/Include/v7.1A/um/
  • Copy all files from Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0/VC/lib/ to CrossCompilation/msvc/lib/x86/
  • Copy all files from Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/10/Lib/10.0.10240.0/ucrt/x86/ to CrossCompilation/winsdk/Lib/v7.1A/ucrt/x86/
  • Copy all files from Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v7.1A/Lib/ to CrossCompilation/winsdk/Lib/v7.1A/um/x86/

Compiling the project

Just run make in the CrossCompilation folder

NB: If you're using clangd and only want to generate compile commands, run make compile_commands.json in the CrossCompilation folder.

Note for Qt Creator IDE

If you wish you edit code via Qt Creator, you still must have Visual Studio because MSVC compiler is required. How to setup building from Qt creator

  • Open project and configure it
  • Go to the "Projects" tab
  • Disable shadow build for both Debug and Release
  • remove ALL items from "Building" and "Cenaring" sections
  • Add into "Building" a special item with: ** Command "build.bat" ** Argument "Debug" for debug build and "Release" argument for release build
  • Add into "Clearing" a special item with "clear.bat" command
  • Try to build project. If you have "MSBuild" in another path, please modify build.bat to take working build!