A small cross-platform editor of the OPL3 FM banks of different formats (Downloads in README below)
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OPL3 Editor Logo

A small cross-platform editor of the OPL3 FM banks of different formats

CI Build status

Linux Windows macOS
Build Status Build status Comming soon!

Currently supported bank formats

  • Own bank format (.WOPL) (Specification in the WOPL-and-OPLI-Specification.txt file)
  • Junglevision patch (.OP3)
  • DMX OPL-2 (.OP2) (Specification)
  • Apogee Sound System timbre formats (.TMB) (Specification)
  • SoundBlaster IBK files (.IBK) (Specification)
  • AdLib/HMI BNK files (.BNK) (Specification)
  • Adlib Gold files (.BNK) (specification is informal and can only be retrieved from source code)
  • AdLib Timbre bank files (.SND, .TIM) (Specification)
  • Global Timbre Library files for Audio Interface Library (.AD, .OPL) (Specification)
  • SB and O3 bank formats (a set of the concatenated SBI files) used with Linux drivers
  • Bisqwit's ADLMIDI bank (.ADLRAW)

Currently supported instrument formats

  • Own 2/4-operator instrument format (.OPLI) (Specification in the WOPL-and-OPLI-Specification.txt file)
  • 2-operator Sound Blaster instruments for DOS and UNIX (.SBI) (Specification)
  • 4-operator Sound Blaster instruments for UNIX (.SBI)
  • Legacy AdLib instruments (.INS) (Specification)

Currently supported music formats to import instruments


How to build

Please, see the wiki.

As alternate way you can open FMBankEdit.pro in the Qt Creator and build it.


  • Bank_Examples - example bank files which you can edit and preview them
  • src - source code of this tool
  • _Misc - Various stuff (test scripts, dummy banks, documents, etc.) which was been used in development of this tool