A small cross-platform editor of the OPN2 FM banks of different formats (Downloads in README below)
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A small cross-platform editor of the OPN2 FM chip (which is widely used in Sega Genesis (aka Mega Drive) game console)

CI Build status

Linux Windows (32-bit) macOS
Build Status Build status Comming soon!

BETA. Please report me any bugs and imperfections you have found


How to build

You need a Qt 5 to build this project.

Run next commands from project directory:

qmake CONFIG+=release CONFIG-=debug FMBankEdit.pro

As alternate way you can open FMBankEdit.pro in the Qt Creator and build it.


  • Bank_Examples - example bank files which you can edit and preview them
  • src - source code of this tool
  • _Misc - Various stuff (test scripts, dummy banks, documents, etc.) which was been used in development of this tool