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TheXTech v1.3.5

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@Wohlstand Wohlstand released this 05 May 09:33
· 591 commits to master since this release

This is another bigger update with a dozen of important changes.

  • This version features the first mobile version of the game developed for the Android platform!
  • The gamepads support has been upgraded and exchanged, now it supports the hot re-plugging and auto-mapping for the gamepads and joysticks. Also, here you will be able to use both D-Pad and the left analog stick to control the movement of a playable character.
  • In addition, there are other vanilla bugs that have been fixed such as the mortal bug that kills Link riding the Clown Car gets touched by the vine.
  • To address compatibility issues with some levels the ability to restore the old behavior of checkpoints has been added into compat.ini. The Speedrun modes 2 and 3 will also restore the old checkpoints behavior back.
  • The macOS version of the game now has the universal build that will run well on both x86_64 and the arm64 architectures (Thanks to @kode54 for the guidance on how to make it).
  • Here you can copy and delete game saves from the game menu directly!
  • And many other fixes and additions...

Changes for 1.3.5

  • Fixed the gamepad control stuck because of axes returned value that doesn't equal the initial state on some devices
  • Fixed the invalid conversion of old sprites with a mask that is smaller than the front
  • Implemented usage of the SDL_GameController with some extras like using the rumble and the battery status (Render of the status is not implemented yet)
  • Player now can quit the credits screen by pressing the Start button on the gamepad
  • Fixed the glitched rendering of the first frame at the main menu and at the world map when frame-skip is enabled
  • Every gamepad model will keep its individual settings per player
  • Added the "Reset to default" menu item to reset controls
  • Resolved the slow work of the world map on weak devices
  • Added the performance debug printing that you can activate by the F3 key
  • Automatically select the gamepad on startup if the user didn't manually set up the keyboard usage
  • Added the ability of the hot connection and disconnection of game controllers
  • Control mappings have been moved into the "controls.ini" to keep the "thextech.ini" file being human-friendly
  • Swooper can play the flap sound if presented at the assets pack
  • Iceball may have the individual shoot sound of sounds.ini enables that
  • Fixed an unexpected ability of Peach to spin-jump from off vines and on pressing of the ALT-JUMP while the JUMP key is held
  • Fixed the GFX shaking of the upside-down piranha plants when they got customized in some cases
  • NPC freezing sound got an individual sound instead of the shell hit
  • Frozen NPC breaking got an individual sound
  • Added an ability to put the silence instead of the actual sound file by specifying the "silent=true" field instead of the "file=..."
  • Thwomps will slightly shake the screen on their fall
  • Yoshi's ground pound will slightly shake the screen
  • Sprout vine from blocks got an individual sound
  • Fixed an incorrect word wrapping at message boxes
  • Fixed the vanilla GFX bug: the thwomp's ground pound dirt effect being improperly aligned
  • Bowser III'rd will shake the screen on his ground pound
  • Fixed the vanilla bug: Link may die when attempting to use the Clown Car being in a fairy form, and when flying up on the Clown Car while any vines behind him
  • Avoided the ability to switch the playable character by the Clown Car at the top of a player switch block
  • Added an ability to restore old checkpoints behavior of the SMBX 1.3 using the "compat.ini" file
  • Fixed the vanilla GFX bug: an incorrect Link's alignment at the Clown Car after being transformed from anybody who rides Yoshi
  • Fixed the skull raft getting stuck at the ceiling slope blocks
  • Fixed the vanilla GFX bug: the unexpected water splash effect appearance at BGOs
  • Fixed the inability to set up the jump button on gamepads in some conditions
  • Fixed the vanilla bug: inability to set the autoscrolling for any non-zero section
  • Added the support for the simple-style per-section autoscrolling setup from the SMBX-38A specification
  • Fixed the vanilla crash when NPC being located far off the screen, tries to find blocks
  • Added an ability to copy and delete game saves from the game menu
  • Fixed the missing "Game Beaten" flag while loading the game save

Known issues

  • The strong lag on slow devices when the level has any moving layers that move horizontally (by X-axis), mainly because the blocks search indexing gets completely disabled when layer gets moved by X-axis. Todo: implement the QuadTree for all level objects and make sure they properly getting updated and found. (Issue #33)
  • Can't type any cheats on a mobile device without USB-OTG keyboard yeh. Some levels (for example, the "Superb Demo 128" at "Prelude To The Stupid") do require the use of cheats for being passed, otherwise, these levels becoming unbeatable without a USB-OTG keyboard plugged. Todo: implement the calling of the software keyboard to allow running cheats on mobile devices. (Issue #61)
  • Some other known vanilla bugs didn't fix yet.

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