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Building the game

Vitaly Novichkov edited this page Nov 8, 2021 · 11 revisions

To build it, you need to have the next things:

  • CMake
  • Ninja optionally (to speeds-up the build process)
  • Compatible C/C++ compiler (GCC, Clang, MSVC at least 2017, didn't test with 2015, possibly may work)
  • Git (required to pull submodules and clone source of dependent libraries to build them in place)
  • Optionally: system-wide installed dependencies: SDL2, libFreeImageLite (a modded implementation of the FreeImage), MixerX sound library, AudioCodecs collection of libraries. Having them be installed in a system gives a major build speed up. However, it's possible to build all these dependencies in place here with the cost of extra build time being added.

A complete guide for each platform


  • About repository - Explanation of repository' organizing, mainstream branches, and their roles and about the general development workflow.
  • CMake parameters explained - Detailed explanation of available CMake project options.