PythonFUSE driver that exposes list of files in a virtual directory
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fslistview is a file system using FUSE that allows to expose flat list of files in a single virtual directory. Only files are considered --- directories, links, fifos, etc. are skipped. If file name repeat, then some number is appended.

It's possible to mount several lists at once, each list is represented as subdirectory. If a file containing list has been changed, then list is reloaded.

fslistview allows limited operations set on real files:

  • read content of file
  • remove file

File lists


  • each line in file list is a path; special symbol ~ (tilde) is expanded
  • empty lines are skipped
  • lines beginning with # are considered as comments
  • paths must be in absolute form
  • all relative paths could be converted to absolute if option --base-dir is set

Command line [progam options] mount-point [FUSE options]

Where program options are:

-b DIR base directory for next list
--base-dir=DIR long version of -b
-f FILE file containting list
--file=FILE long version of -f

These options can be passed as many times as it's needed, for example: -b /mnt/music -f latest-cd.list -f duplicated-documents.list -b /mnt/data/backups -f old-backups.list mount-point

This command will mount three file lists:

  • latest-cd.list [relative paths are bind to /mnt/music]
  • duplicated-documents.list
  • old-backups.list [reloaded paths are bind to /mnt/data/backups]

Environment variable

Variable FSLISTVIEW_LOG should be used only for debugging purposes. This variable have to point a writable directory (for example /tmp/), where file fslistview.{PID}.log is created and filled with information about all functions calls and possible errors (exceptions).


Program is licensed under simplfied BSD