SIMD (SWAR/SSE/SSE4/AVX2/AVX512F/ARM Neon) of Karp-Rabin algorithm's modification
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avx2-naive-strstr64.cpp added AVX2-naive processing 64 bytes at once May 11, 2017
avx2-naive-unrolled-strstr.cpp added unrolled variant of AVX2 naive algorithm May 11, 2017
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avx2-strstr-v2.cpp Fix AVX2 compilation with clang Mar 17, 2018
avx2-strstr.cpp simpler condition Oct 8, 2016
avx512bw-strstr-v2.cpp Use standard _mm512_set1_epi8 intrinsics May 4, 2018
avx512f-strstr-v2.cpp Use standard _mm512_set1_epi8 intrinsics May 4, 2018
avx512f-strstr.cpp specialized AVX512F for 4-byte "needles" Oct 8, 2016
common.h speed up ARM code a little Jan 29, 2017
fixed-memcmp.cpp ARM Neon: even simpler memcmp methods Jan 30, 2017 prepare ARM Neon compilation Jan 17, 2017
neon-strstr-v2.cpp ARM Neon: unrolling loops bring some benefits Jan 30, 2017
scalar.cpp Fix scalar implementation Mar 17, 2018
sse-naive-strstr.cpp Fix SSE naive implementation Mar 17, 2018
sse2-strstr.cpp fixed SSE2 implementation Oct 19, 2016
sse4-strstr-unrolled.cpp keep SSE4.1 MPSADBW unrolled variant Nov 9, 2016
sse4-strstr.cpp keep SSE4.1 MPSADBW unrolled variant Nov 9, 2016
sse4.2-strstr.cpp SSE4.2 variant: compare shorter substrings Oct 24, 2016
swar32-strstr-v2.cpp added 32-bit SWAR implementation Jan 18, 2017
swar64-strstr-v2.cpp fixed SWAR version Nov 9, 2016


SIMD-friendly algorithms for substring searching

Sample programs for article "SIMD-friendly algorithms for substring searching" (

The root directory contains C++11 procedures implemented using intrinsics for SSE, SSE4, AVX2, AVX512F, AVX512BW and ARM Neon (both ARMv7 and ARMv8).

The subdirectory original contains 32-bit programs with inline assembly, written in 2008 for another article.


To run unit and validation tests type make test_ARCH, to run performance tests type make ``make run_ARCH. Value ARCH selectes the CPU architecture:

  • sse4,
  • avx2,
  • avx512f,
  • avx512bw,
  • arm,
  • aarch64.

Performance results

The subdirectory results contains raw timings from various computers.