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The Wolf is a comprehensive set of C/C++ open source libraries for realtime rendering, realtime streaming and game developing
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Wolf Engine GPL v3 licensed


Welcome to the Wolf Engine source code.

The Wolf Engine is the next generation of Persian Game Engine which is a cross-platform open source game engine created by Pooya Eimandar. The Wolf is a comprehensive set of C++ open source libraries for realtime rendering, realtime streaming and game developing, which is support Lua as an embedded script language and Python as a binding language.

pyWolf LGPL licensed

pyWolf is set of Python bindings for Wolf.Engine which works with Python 2.7

Recent Sample

Dynamic LOD Generation using Simplygon

Dynamic LOD Generation gif

Getting Started

I do recommend you take a look at Wolf's Wiki before getting strated

To help you navigate the various ways you can use Wolf Engine, I have assembled a collection of learning tutorials for you at here.

Supported Platforms and APIs

APIs/Platforms Windows Universal Windows Platfrom Linux OSX iOS Android
Vulkan Build status N/A CircleCI Build Status in progress in progress
DircetX 12 not started not started N/A N/A N/A N/A
Embree not started N/A not started not started N/A N/A
OptiX not started N/A not started not started N/A N/A
pyWolf Build status not started not started Build Status N/A N/A

Projects using Wolf

  • "Wolf.Playout", a playout automation software
  • "Falcon", a real time 3D monitoring system, developed at FANAP. Co.
  • "PlayPod", a real time cloud game streaming platform same as Google Stadia which is running in Iran and dveloped at FANAP. Co.

If you are using Wolf Engine in your projects, kindly let us know about your project.


From this repository you can build or modify the Wolf Engine in any way you can imagine, and share your changes with others. Wolf Engine publishes source in two rolling branches:

  • The release branch is extensively tested and makes a great starting point for learning how to use Wolf Engine or making your own real time application or games.
  • The master branch which is the original source and may be buggy.


  • Your access to and use of Wolf Engine or pyWolf on GitHub is governed by the This License. If you don't agree to those terms, then you are not permitted to access or use Wolf Engine.


Kindly report any issues or post your question about Wolf Engine on Issues page. If you have any questions about samples or tutorials, kindly comments on related sample/tutorial page on


Wolf Engine © 2014-2019 Pooya Eimandar

Additional Notes

I provided a dedicated blog for gpu programming, make sure check it out at

Additionally, in case you are interested, I've written a book with the focus on DirectX 11.1 Game Programming, you can order it from PackT Publishing.






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Road map



Keen on playing with Wolf, start with Samples

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