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Will not be updated!

KanColle OpenDB Database has moved to AWS RDS.

So this repository will not be updated, at this time.

KanColle OpenDB Database backup

KanColle OpenDB is Transparent opened project.

Author WolfgangKurz has all copyrights of data, for to prevent data's unauthorized use.

This repository will be used for database dump backup only.

Backup files has compressed with pbzip2, and has splitted as 50m size.

Database will be backup as incremental.

📂 Restore database

1. Combine

Combining splitted data is very easy, not difficult.

Just use cat command with wildcard, it will return the combined contents.

2. Unzip (Decompressing)

All backup file was compressed with pbzip2, so bzip2 or pbzip2 is required to unzip backup file.

Using pbzip2 is "highly" recommended.

3. Example

$ cat opendb-backup.sql.bz2.* | bzip2 -d > opendb-backup.sql

📈 Incremental backup

Backup files was dumped as incremental, using mysqldump and mysqlbinlog.

If you want to restore database, you need to restore all backups, and execute all restored queries.

📦 Utility

You can also use Backup and Restore utilities, written in PHP.

Use those utilities in terminal like below:

$ php db-backup.php --help
$ php db-restore.php --help

Backup utility requires db-backup-cfg.php file and you can modify db-backup-cfg-template.php to get config file.

🔗 OpenDB Project Website

KanColle OpenDB Website