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:[diStorm64}: (v1.7.30)
The ultimate disassembler library (for AMD64, X86-64).

diStorm is licensed under the BSD license.

For documentation and MUCH MORE please refer to doc/distorm.html.

Directory Listing:
doc/ - Contains documentation files.
build/win32/ - Solution file for VS03.
build/linux/ - Make file and installation script for Python.
build/mac/ - Make file and installation script for Python2.3 (works for Tiger).
src/ - Full source code.
linuxproj/ - Raw file disassembler, sample project, shows how to use the C Library.
win32proj/ - Ditto, but for Win32.
ddkproj/ - A Windows kernel driver source that disassembles the beginning of KeBugCheck as an example.

distorm.h - Header file for diStorm's C library (Used by win32proj and linuxproj).
config.h - Compiler specific macros definitions (Endianity support too).

NOTE - See config.h and distorm.h for library configuration (such as exports, size of integers, etc).

Win32 Compilation:
The distorm.sln file contains two projects: cdistorm and pydistorm.
There are three configurations: clib, py24 and py23.
'clib' configuration will create a distorm.lib file for win32proj used with the
header file (distorm.h).
'py25/24/23' configuration will create distorm.pyd in the corresponding directory,
which should be copied into the Python\Lib\site-packages.
You might want to change the directories of the Python library/include directories
which are set in the configurations.
There is also a 'dyndistorm' project which will create a distorm.dll file which you can use along with 'distorm.h'.

Linux Compilation:
The makefile will compile diStorm for clib and py24.
'make clib' will create a static archive library named 'distorm64.a'
which is used by linuxproj.
'make py' will create a shared object file, named ''
which is installed with the script (have to be root for that).

Mac Compilation:
The makefile will compile diStorm for clib and py23.
You can easily edit it to compile diStorm for py2x.
See the 'Linux Compilation' above for how to use the makefile.
You can also use the same sample of linux project.

DDK Compilation (Ring0):
diStorm can also be compiled as a kernel driver,
there's a sample bundled under ddkproj.
Follow accurately all the steps in the ddkproj/readme file to accomplish this task.

For updates please visit
Note that there are currently not-known bugs.
Please contact me for any bugs that are found in the source code
by reporting to me, so people could enjoy a better product!

If you wish to contact me, use this email:
Gil Dabah
May 2007