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Mar 8, 2022


This is the official repository for Overgrowth's source code. Only the code is available here; the game data (such as art assets and levels) can only be legally obtained by purchasing Overgrowth from Wolfire Games.

This repository lets you‥

  • Run the open source code with the commercial data to perform experiments for educational purposes.
  • Propose changes to be merged back into the commercial game.
  • Create modifications for Overgrowth that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Use helpful code snippets in your projects.
  • Create your own commercial "total conversions" that use an entirely new set of assets.

If you would like to distribute any of the original Overgrowth assets, you must obtain explicit written permission from Wolfire Games.

Compiling contains instructions on compiling and running the commercial Overgrowth game using the open source code.


This repository is entirely community-operated. This means you can help by submitting bug reports, reviewing other people's code, contributing your own code, and so on.

Read for more information.


Unless otherwise noted, the code in this repository is licensed under Apache-2.0. Read LICENSE for the full license.

Apache-2.0 is a "permissive" open source license, meaning you can use it for more or less whatever you want, including in closed source projects. Licenses are hard to understand, Apache-2.0 is no exception. Here is a summary of what the license means in practice in most cases. This is not legal advice:

If you distribute a compiled program using the code, or you distribute the code itself, modified or not, you must do the following:

Include the entire contents of the LICENSE file

The license can be somewhere in the program itself or in a separate file. The purpose is to clarify under what license you're using the code. For example, you can have a file called LICENSES, and there you can have a line saying This software uses code from Overgrowth under the Apache-2.0 license, read the full license in the file named LICENSE_APACHE..

Mark files you've changed with a notice

If you distribute the code itself, in each file you modify, write that you have modified it. For instance, the files have a "boilerplate notice" at the top, you can write that you have changed it there, so it looks something like this:

//           Name: filename.h
//      Developer: Wolfire Games LLC
//    Modified By: Firstname Lastname
//    Description:
//        License: Read below

Do not remove any copyright notices or similar

You're not allowed to remove things like Copyright 2022 Company Name or similar.


Open Source codebase of the game Overgrowth by Wolfire Games LLC