letterhead, template, form, autotext, mail merge,... extension for OpenOffice and LibreOffice
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The WollMux is an OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice plugin with enhanced template, form, and autotext functionality. It can construct templates on the fly from multiple files (e.g. letterhead, footer, and body text) and will fill in personal and organizational data from various databases such as LDAP. An extra form GUI presents fields in an easily navigable manner and offers plausibility checks and computed values to ease filling in the form. Chainable printing functions allow various transformations during print and custom dialogs.

WollMux is licensed under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL - http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/software/page/eupl).

More information about WollMux can be found at our main page at http://www.wollmux.org