Assets 6

Note: Starting with version 1.4.0, a UUID is sent to to collect pseudo anonymous usage data. You can opt out in the settings menu


  • Add 2 more sorting modes (Last updated, first updated)
  • Uninstall installed Homebrew Apps! Press select to change between install and uninstall mode over an installed App!
  • Searching now also checks the Author and Description. Want to see all apps by 1 developer? Now you can!
  • Icon cache now updates icons. Sometimes a dev changes their icon, Homebr3w now always loads the newest one!
  • Massive Speedboost while downloading! Especially icons should download much faster now thanks to the power of Connection: Keep-alive!
  • Pseudo-anonymous data collection has been implemented. Homebr3w generates a UUID automatically and sends that to Disable this behavior in settings or generate a new UUID by removing the entry in SDMC:/Homebr3w/data.json
  • Blacklist the invalid title ID 0x0
  • Fix saving config files
  • Fix the blacklisting feature

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