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Currently this project is part of Codepath final project and is not opensourced. If you'd like to contribute, please wait until after the final demo.


Women Who Code Swift App

Coding Guidelines

  • Breakdown huge issues to smaller ones to show progress.
  • Create issues for everything you work on.
  • Do smaller commits of exactly what you do. Include your issue number in your commits "Added a view cell #3". This way your commits are not part of the issue.
  • Always create pull request to master. Add description as what the PR solves for and associate a ticket number to the issue.
  • Try to keep your pull request small making it easier to review by others.
  • Please add meaningful commit messages.
  • Please @mention relevant team members when you create tickets or pull request so your teammates are aware of whats going on.
  • Attach images and screenshots wherever possible, so it is easier to quickly visualize what you've done.

Some of these might feel redundant, but on the long run, if you wanted to show case this work this is a better start :)


Women Who Code Swift App



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