Women Who Code Guidelines and Resources
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Women Who Code

Guidelines and Resources

This repository is where we will gather resources and guidelines for WWC network.

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Who We Are

Mission, Vision, Commitments, Community, and press kit.

Learning Resources

This is a list of resources that we have gathered for study groups.

Code of Conduct

This is the current recommended Code of Conduct for all WWC events.

Please make sure to have a copy or link to it on your event page.

There's also a short version available.


Outline the guidelines for how someone can contribute

  1. 🍴 Fork this repo
  2. 🔨 Follow the contributing guidelines outlined below
  3. 👥 Add yourself as a contributor under the credits section
  4. 🔧 Make a pull request
  5. 🎉 Get your pull request approved - success!

Or just create an issue - any little bit of help counts! 😊

More details can be found at this project's contributing guidelines.


Thank you to our lovely contributors.