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These tests use Selenium and WonderProxy to make sure a location-aware WonderNetwork website looks the way it's supposed to from a few different places around the world.


  1. You'll need a (local) Selenium server. The simplest way to get one is to grab one of the stand-alone JARs from and run it with no arguments:

    $ wget
    $ java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.4.0.jar
  2. You'll also need PhantomJS. Follow the download instructions, and make sure the phantomjs executable ends up in your PATH (e.g. symlink it to /usr/bin/phantomjs).

  3. The Selenium test demos will pull your WonderProxy credentials from environment variables:

    $ export WONDERPROXY_USER=<your WonderProxy username>
    $ export WONDERPROXY_PASS=<your WonderProxy password>

Running the tests

PHP (./php)

The PHP demo has been tested on PHP 5.6 and 7.1.

  1. The PHP demo uses Composer to organize its dependencies:

    $ cd path/to/locale-testing-demo/selenium/php
    $ curl -sS | php
    $ php composer.phar install
  2. Spin up your Selenium server and fire away!

    $ cd path/to/locale-testing-demo/selenium/php
    $ ./vendor/bin/phpunit


This PHP demo was shamelessly ripped from @DavertMik's php-webdriver-demo for Selenium, which he blogged about at

Python (./python)

  1. The Python demo runs on Python 3.2+. It might work on earlier versions, but it's not tested!

  2. Follow Selenium's instructions to set up the Python/Selenium bindings.

  3. Make sure your Selenium server is still running, and off you go!

    $ cd path/to/locale-testing-demo/selenium/python
    $ python3

Other languages

Coming soon!

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