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New way to see a web page with CSS3 3D transform
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Add depth to your web page with CSS3 3D transform.

This project is mostly inspired by Keith Clark's work.


  • Movable, and Rotatable camera for your scene.
  • Can move to in front of any element in your scene, whether it has been rotated or translated.

⚙️ Installation

npm i css-camera
# or
yarn add css-camera

🏃 Quick Start

// Prerequisite:
// Create your scene as you like
const card = document.querySelector("#card");
const cardButton = document.querySelector("#card-button");

// First, make camera
const camera = new CSSCamera("#space");

// Call its method, then update it!
cardButton.onclick = () => {

Check more methods on the 📄API Documentation page

📜 License


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