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Replace missing (inline) images with a placeholder.
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imagefallback.js: Replace missing images.

Replace missing (inline) images with a placeholder.

Try the demo.

How to include the script

This include can be added to the header or placed inline before the script is invoked.

<script src="./js/imagefallback.js"></script>

How to start the script

<div style="background-image:url('this_image_is_intentionally_missing.jpg')"></div>
<img alt="" src="this_image_is_intentionally_missing.jpg">
var imageFallback = new ImageFallback({
	'active': (localStorage.getItem('ImageFallback')=='on'),
	'images': 'img',
	'backgrounds': '[style*="background-image"]',
	'url': './img/fallback.jpg' //''

'active' : {Boolean} - Optionally only run when a condition is met (e.g. a keyword is present in localstorage).

'images' : {CSS rule} - Rule that describes affected images.

'background' : {CSS rule} - Rule that describes affected backgrounds.

'url' : {string} - Path to a placeholder image or service.

How to activate the script

Allow or disallow the image fallbacks by adding ?imagefallback=on or ?imagefallback=off to the end of your url. This makes it harder for the functionality to be accidentally pushed to a production server.

How to build the script

This project uses node.js from

This project uses gulp.js from

The following commands are available for development:

  • npm install - Installs the prerequisites.
  • gulp import - Re-imports libraries from supporting projects to ./src/libs/ if available under the same folder tree.
  • gulp dev - Builds the project for development purposes.
  • gulp dist - Builds the project for deployment purposes.
  • gulp watch - Continuously recompiles updated files during development sessions.
  • gulp serve - Serves the project on a temporary web server at http://localhost:8500/.
  • gulp php - Serves the project on a temporary php server at http://localhost:8500/.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The latest version of this and other scripts by the same author can be found at

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