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Sorting the contents of a table by clicking on the headers.
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sort.js: Table Sorting

Sorting the contents of a table by clicking on the headers.

Try the demo.

How to include the script

The stylesheet is best included in the header of the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./css/sort.css"/>

This include can be added to the header or placed inline before the script is invoked.

<script src="./js/sort.js"></script>

How to start the script

var sort = new Sort({
	'element' : document.getElementById('id'),
	'headers' : 'thead tr th',
	'rows' : 'tbody tr',
	'cols' : 'th, td'

id : {string} - The ID attribute of an element somewhere in the document.

links : {string} - A CSS rule that describes the clickable headers within parent.

rows : {string} - A CSS rule that describes the rows within parent.

cols : {string} - A CSS rule that describes the data cells within rows.

How to control the script


sort.perform(index, direction);

Sorts a specific column.

index : {integer} - The index of column to sort.

direction : {integer} - A value of 1 or -1 to indicate the sorting direction.

How to build the script

This project uses node.js from

This project uses gulp.js from

The following commands are available for development:

  • npm install - Installs the prerequisites.
  • gulp import - Re-imports libraries from supporting projects to ./src/libs/ if available under the same folder tree.
  • gulp dev - Builds the project for development purposes.
  • gulp dist - Builds the project for deployment purposes.
  • gulp watch - Continuously recompiles updated files during development sessions.
  • gulp serve - Serves the project on a temporary web server at http://localhost:8500/.
  • gulp php - Serves the project on a temporary php server at http://localhost:8500/.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The latest version of this and other scripts by the same author can be found at

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