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Woolsey Workshop provides tutorials and learning material on a range of electronics and software topics, especially those of interest to the open source maker community and educational institutions. Topics typically cover Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and CircuitPython platforms; sensor, actuator, and display interfacing; embedded programming; and general circuit design and simulation.

The resources created and used within the tutorials are uploaded and made available here on GitHub for anyone to use.

Please consider sponsoring ❤️ Woolsey Workshop so that we may continue providing these free resources to our valued readers.

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  1. Article-Blink-Making-An-LED-Blink-On-An-Arduino-Uno Article-Blink-Making-An-LED-Blink-On-An-Arduino-Uno Public

    Blink: Making An LED Blink On An Arduino Uno Article Resources

    C++ 1

  2. Article-Blink-Making-An-LED-Blink-On-A-Raspberry-Pi Article-Blink-Making-An-LED-Blink-On-A-Raspberry-Pi Public

    Blink: Making An LED Blink On A Raspberry Pi Article Resources

    Python 2

  3. WoolseyWorkshop_CircuitPython_74HC165 WoolseyWorkshop_CircuitPython_74HC165 Public

    CircuitPython driver for 74HC165 shift register.

    Python 5 1


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