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Wootric SDK + Ionic Framework examples

Here are the examples of running Wootric on Ionic applications, for non-Single Page Applications (SPA) and SPAs.

Before we begin, ensure that you have Cordova and Ionic installed and have iOS and Android platforms enabled. If you haven't, begin from step 1. If you already have done so, move on to step 2.

1. Install Cordova and Ionic, and configure iOS and Android platforms

Run the following commands to install Cordova and Ionic:

$ sudo npm install -g cordova
$ sudo npm install -g ionic

Next, run the following commands to configure iOS and Android platforms:

$ ionic cordova platform add ios
$ ionic cordova platform add android

Or follow the Ionic installation guide here and skip "Create the project" and "Test it out".

2. Download the Wootric SDK + Ionic Framework examples

Go to the directory you wish to create your folder (i.e. Desktop). Then, in your terminal, clone this repository using the following command:

$ git clone git@github.com:Wootric/ionic-examples.git

This will create a ionic-examples folder on your desired directory and download the repository files into the folder.

3. Run the examples

Before you run the examples, change to your desired directory by running the following commands:

- wootric-ionic example

$ cd wootric-ionic

- wootric-ionic-spa example

$ cd wootric-ionic-spa

Now, you're ready to run the examples!

To test on a desktop browser, run the following command:

$ ionic serve

To test on an iOS simulator, run the following commands:

$ ionic cordova build ios
$ ionic cordova emulate ios

Or follow the Ionic testing guide here.

To test the app on Android, follow the Ionic testing guide under "Testing as a native app".

** The Wootric SDK + Ionic Framework example was built following the Ionic Framework guide.