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react-example — the wootric configured project for React apps

This project is an application skeleton for a typical Wootric setup web app. You can use it to quickly bootstrap your wootric setup react webapp projects.

The app doesn't do much, just shows how to setup the wootric snippet for React projects.

Getting Started

To get you started simply follow the instructions below:


You need git to clone the spa-examples repository. You can get git from here.

We also use a number of Node.js tools to install create-react-app. You must have Node.js and its package manager (npm) installed. You can get them from here. We also are using Yarn for this project (You can use npm instead).

Clone spa-examples

Clone the spa-examples repository using git:

git clone
cd spa-examples
cd react-example
yarn install/npm install

Setup Wootric (using Wootric component)

  1. Check src/Wootric.js for main setup and update WOOTRIC_ACCOUNT_TOKEN at src/config/defaults.js with your account_token.

  2. Wootric component has been added to src/App.js on line 23.

Running the Application

Run yarn start/npm start for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:3000/ (or the one on which your development server started on).

*This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

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