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@VirtuBox VirtuBox released this Aug 4, 2019 · 145 commits to master since this release

wordops release


  • MySQL configuration tuning
  • Cronjob to optimize MySQL databases weekly
  • WO-kernel systemd service to automatically apply kernel tweaks on server startup
  • Proftpd stack now secured with TLS
  • New Nginx package built with Brotli from operating system libraries
  • Brotli configuration with only well compressible MIME types
  • WordPress site url automatically updated to https://domain.tld when using -le/--letsencrypt flag
  • More informations during certificate issuance about validation mode selected
  • --php72 as alternative for --php
  • Automated removal of the deprecated variable ssl on; in previous Nginx ssl.conf
  • Project Contributing guidelines
  • Project Code of conduct


  • wo maintenance refactored
  • Improved debug log
  • Updated Nginx configuration process to not overwrite files with custom data (htpasswd-wo, acl.conf etc..)
  • Adminer updated to v4.7.2
  • eXtplorer updated to v2.1.13
  • Removed WordOps version from the Nginx header X-Powered-By to avoid possible security issues
  • Several code quality improvements to speed up WordOps execution
  • Few adjustements on PHP-FPM configuration (max_input_time,opcache.consistency_checks)
  • Added /dev/urandom & /dev/shm to open_basedir in PHP-FPM configuration


  • Kernel tweaks were not applied without server reboot
  • Fail2ban standalone install
  • wo stack purge --all error due to PHP7.3 check
  • Nginx helper configuration during plugin install for Nginx fastcgi_cache and redis-cache
  • phpRedisAdmin stack installation
  • Fixed Travis CI build on pull requests
  • Nginx server_names_hash_bucket_size variable error after WordOps upgrade
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