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@VirtuBox VirtuBox released this Sep 26, 2019 · 113 commits to master since this release


  • [SECURE] Allow new ssh port with UFW when running wo secure --sshport
  • [SECURE] Additional Nginx directives to prevent access to log files or backup from web browser
  • [CORE] apt-mirror-updater to select the fastest debian/ubuntu mirror with automatic switching between mirrors if the current mirror is being updated
  • [SITE] add --force to force Let's Encrypt certificate issuance even if DNS check fail
  • [STACK] check if another mta is installed before installing sendmail
  • [SECURE] --allowpassword to allow password when using --ssh with wo secure


  • [SECURE] Improved sshd_config template according to Mozilla Infosec guidelines
  • [STACK] Always add stack configuration into Git before making changes to make rollback easier
  • [STACK] Render php-fpm pools configuration from template
  • [STACK] Adminer updated to v4.7.3


  • [STACK] UFW setup after removing all stacks with wo stack purge --all
  • [CONFIG] Invalid CORS header
  • [STACK] PHP-FPM stack upgrade failure due to pool configuration
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