This is a JavaScript Single Page App built into a WordPress Admin Page - using AngularJS
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#WordPress Admin JavaScript Single Page Application Boilerplate My intention or this project is to be an easy starting point for anyone wanting to create a WordPress admin that is a JavaScript SPA. Right now this is a standalone WordPress plugin.

##AngularJS This repo is the AngularJS version of the boilerplate, check out the organization for other versions


  • Clone Repo into wp-content/plugins
  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp

##Starter Content I have included a CPT of 'Book' to get created with 10 posts, to turn this off comment out lines 64-65 of admin-js-app.php

##CPT REST Support Add support for your existing CPT's by adding the slug to line 49 in admin-js-app.php code Once added, your CPT will now automatically have REST support via /wp-json/wp/v2/[cpt-slug]

##Custom API Endpoints In includes/admin_custom_api.php you will find the custom api endpoints I have created, I have kept it simple so you can modify or copy to create your own

##Custom API Fields Since my example just uses a basic CPT, it is easier just to create custom rest fields for the post meta you want to get/save. api_field code

Please add new api_fields (one per meta field if possible) as you need them. You will need to create both a function to return the meta on GET and update on POST requests.

##Routes & Templates All html templates are located in templates/ Default routes include:

  • / main page - admin-js-app-main.html
  • /books listing page - admin-js-app-list.html
  • /book/:id detail page - admin-js-app-detail.html
  • /book/:id/edit edit page - admin-js-app-edit.html