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Update README to note which branch work is done in

Also add note about needing unit tests.
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@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ This is a fork of the WordPress Coding Standards project from [Urban Giraffe](h
The sniffs were developed for phpcs 1.3; work will be done to ensure compatibility with the latest version, which is 1.4.
+Ongoing development will be done in the `development` with merges done into `master` once considered stable. Development of unit tests is needed, per [issue 21](
@GaryJones Owner

For compatibility with the git-flow defaults, and as no branch other than master exists on this remote, would you consider using develop instead of development as the branch name?

@westonruter Owner

FYI: I've made the change to the README on our fork: xwp@a744b86

I've also renamed our branch from develolpment to develop:

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### How to use this
Once you've installed PEAR, install Codesniffer:

21 comments on commit 8f0b3a6


Hi Gary!

I'd be happy to do so if it makes working with git-flow easier.

One thing though - as I spend a some more time working on this over the coming months, I'd like to contact the other maintainers to see if it's worth creating an organisation to work on this, so we're all contributing to the same code base and benefiting from each other's work.

Figured it was worth mentioning here, as a merged codebase may need to take this into account.


I agree - not only getting a collaboration of folks working on the same thing, but getting Nacin, Jaquith (for core standards), Siobhan (for developer handbook, which covers the standards) and other "official" folks involved, so the end product can be ratified meaning there's more chance of it gaining traction with more of the developer community.


:+1: I support making a GitHub organization for WordPress-Coding-Standards.


@mrchrisadams In lieu of there being a better place to chat about this, I wanted to mention that I gave a presentation tonight about this project at the Portland WordPress Meetup, and my slides are on Google Drive.

I was talking with @danielbachhuber there and he was keen to using this project at WordPress VIP, as well as for there to be a WP-CLI subcommand for phpcs (e.g. by allowing the project to be dropped in as a WP plugin); he is excited for there to be a vibrant community around PHPCS just as there has been a community around WP-CLI.

So there is some more excitement around this project, and I wanted to make sure that you and the other maintainers are aware of the latest developments from the X-Team end of things.



Ah, I see. You forked it to the new repo. I think GitHub support can update the fork linkages.

@mrchrisadams hey, now that this org is just created, perhaps we can take this opportunity to rename the org and project to something more easy to use? Perhaps, "wordpress-phpcs" or "wp-phpcs"? The latter may be especially suitable since wp is the command for WP-CLI and phpcs could be the subcommand.

At the very least, the org name needs the application of capital_P_dangit :smile:


The sooner we make the name changes the better, of course.


Makes sense for it to be a developer agnostic repo.

If I was supposed to be added to it in some way, I don't think it worked - I see it as just someone else's normal repo. I don't really want any role on this at this moment in time anyway - I'm happy for @westonruter to take the lead as his org have already made improvements in their fork. As mentioned above, would still be worth getting one of the WP core committers to help help oversee everything, so that when it's ready with the enhancements, it will be able to get better exposure within the committee. With a suitable testing tool such as this, pre-commit hooks can stop anything going through that isn't using the standard, and they might even change their stance on code standards-changes-only commits, and finally get core code up to where it should be!

One thing that's probably better off in a new ticket elsewhere, but I'll mention here anyway - there should be a way to switch between pure code standards (coding style) sniffs, and good practices suggestions (not using query_posts() etc.), since something like the latter will obviously pollute results if it was running on WP core.


Thanks for the input, @GaryJones. I agree that we should provide rulesets to encapsulate different categories of sniffs, such as a ruleset for style and a ruleset for best practices in API usage.

I'll change the name of the organization to wp-phpcs and rename the repo to wp-phpcs unless I hear any objections in the next day. I'll also contact GitHub support to see if we can update existing repo-fork linkages from mrchrisadams/WordPress-Coding-Standards to wp-phpcs/wp-phpcs, and also reverse the relationship so that mrchrisadams/WordPress-Coding-Standards also appears as a fork of the new primary repo.


Hi guys, apologies for the slow reply - been away from a my laptop for the last day and a bit, and connectivity hasn't been great, and I'll be away a couple more days this week too.

I'm happy for @westonruter to take the lead on this too - I just don't have the capacity to work much on wordpress projects much at present, and like @GaryJones said, his team has been updating it the most so far.

Also happy about the repo-fork linkage changes - I assumed forking was the simplest option, but changing ownership like GaryJones last mentioned makes more sense too.

Given the choice, I'd prefer to keep the name for the organisation, to make it easier to find in future - because I'd argue there are more posts talking about WordPress Coding Standards as a concept, than tying it to the underlying implementation wp-phpcs in this case.

If you don't already know what phpcs is, what the organisation is for doesn't seem so clear, and there are tools other than phpcs for keeping code style in good shape, written for PHP, but beyond the world of Wordpress.

I think the wp binary with a phpcs subcommand is a really good idea though.

In the end, I don't feel that strongly about the name of the project or the organisation - @westonruter's team has already put more time into the project into improving it, so I'm okay with deferring to his ideas on it.

Thanks for putting the time on on this so far, and sorry I haven't been too available of late.


Good point about WordPress Coding Standards being more than just phpcs. Ideally the project could include facilities for validating JS and CSS as well.

I renamed the organization from Wordpress Coding Standards to WordPress Coding Standards. (capital_P_dangit)

@mrchrisadams good idea about changing ownership of your repo. That should update all of the repo fork links at the same time. Could you delete the fork you just made on the org, and then go in to your original repo's settings and change the ownership of your repo over to WordPress-Coding-Standards? Obviously that would mean mrchrisadams@a0ad39d would need to be reverted.

Looking forward to collaborating in this new organization!


In terms of CSS and I've found that CSScomb (written in PHP, cli and editor plugins available) does a great job, and the defaults ''almost'' match up to the WPCS, so getting some settings for that into the repo would be good.

Similarly, whatever the equivalent JSHint settings should be for JS inside WP would be a good start too.


@mrchrisadams any update?


@mrchrisadams @westonruter I've been asked to possibly do a guest post or two about coding for WP, so having the WPCS org established, and some code up and running would enable me to link to it and provide a bit more exposure.

On a side note, Tom McFarlin has recently put out some bits about JS CS for WP, so he'd be another one to get on board.


Hi @GaryJones, @westonruter

The repo WordPress-Coding-Standards should now be setup under the new organisation, with the appropriate history transferred from my account.

Is there anything else needed at my end to hand this over?


Has @westonruter been invited to be a member of the organisation? He can then administer it further himself.


@mrchrisadams thanks! Perfect!!

@GaryJones yes, I have admin access, but I see you do not. Should I add you to the owners team?


@westonruter Feel free to add me, but consider me a silent partner for now :-)

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