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WordPress Documentation Issue Tracker

Welcome to the WordPress project documentation issue tracker. We're glad you're here to help make WordPress documentation better.


Please report issues here if your suggestion is related to the following

  1. Our development documentation located at (Code named DevHub)
    • Content such as the listed Handbooks under current Docs Projects in the Docs Handbook.
    • The "More Information" section and "User Notes" section of a Code Reference page.
    • The Description/Parameters/Return/Hooks sections of a Code Reference page are parsed and generated from the source code after each WordPress release. To make a change, please file a ticket on Core trac:
    • The page layout/formatting of the Code Reference pages are handled by the Meta team. To make a change, please file a ticket on Meta trac:
  2. Our end-user documentation located at (Code named HelpHub)
  3. The Documentation Team's handbook located at

If you would like to contribute to Gutenberg specific documentation, please proceed here

All other Make / WordPress team handbooks are maintained by internally by said respective teams. Please contact them on Make / WordPress Slack to suggest changes.

How to report an issue?

At the top of this GitHub repository is an Issues tab, click on that tab. The next page will show a green button for "New issue" in the top right, click there to start an issue filling out the template as complete as possible. See GitHub's official documentation for issues.

Thank you for taking the time to report an issue.

Using this Repository

  1. We take all comments, suggestions or contributions directly via our Issues Tracker
  2. Follow the issue template's guidelines and provide as much information as possible
  3. Work with the documentation team to get the issues resolved!

Resolving Issues

Any documentation team member is able to pick up issues opened by contributors.

Is this your first time here to contribute? Great! We're so glad you are here! You can find a list of "good first issues" here.

Whether you pick up an issue to work on or are simply implementing the changes suggested by someone else, please make sure you do the following

  1. Label the issues accordingly
  2. Assign yourself so that people know that the issue is being picked up
  3. Close the issue when the implementation has been finished.

If you do not have the permission to assign issues to yourself, please ask in the issue and we'll do the assignment as necessary.

Where to find the Documentation Team

You can join the documentation team on Slack in #docs channel. See the Documentation Team P2 for additional information, project updates, and weekly meeting times.

Getting Recognition

We want to make sure people know that you've contributed. We would be happy to acknowledge your contribution. We want to keep an eye on all contributors to Docs team so we have a document Everyone who reported issue, fixed issue and/or participated in discussion should create PR to add their info in this document. Required info is username, GitHub username and GitHub issue number.

Please add your details to our - we assign badges monthly.

About this repository

The WordPress ecosystem is vast, and the numerous sub-projects use various tools to manage their project. This makes knowing where to report an issue complicated. That's where this repository comes in: anyone can report a documentation issue to create a single spot.

Read more about this repo here.