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set emailed posts to be published. won't do no good moblogging if in …

…the end one has to publish everything later

git-svn-id: 1a063a9b-81f0-0310-95a4-ce76da25c4cd
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commit e75e000346a5565af4878a7c544420a0d1009818 1 parent e1325ba
michelvaldrighi authored
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 wp-mail.php
5 wp-mail.php
@@ -132,7 +132,10 @@
$post_category = $post_categories;
- $post_data = compact('post_content','post_title','post_date','post_date_gmt','post_author','post_category');
+ // or maybe we should leave the choice to email drafts? propose a way
+ $post_status = 'publish';
+ $post_data = compact('post_content','post_title','post_date','post_date_gmt','post_author','post_category', 'post_status');
$post_ID = wp_insert_post($post_data);
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