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Milestones: The Story of WordPress

Welcome to the online repository for our book on the history and development of WordPress. This book is currently in version one.

Table of Contents


The following feedback is particularly valuable:

  • Factual errors: notes about factual errors are welcome. All suggestions for changes should be evidenced with links that back up any claims. Any facts that cannot be corroborated will not be included.
  • Clarity: any paragraphs or sections that you feel are not clear. This would be of particular help in sections that are technical in nature.
  • Omissions: anything that you feel has been omitted or not sufficiently covered. Note that this is a lengthy piece of writing and many issues have to be condensed to ensure that it is a manageable and interesting read. Suggestions about omissions should be accompanied with information about why it should be included, and backed up with evidence as to their importance.
  • Images: if you have any images that you feel would complement the text, we'd love to have them.

All feedback should be opened as issues in the tracker.

Note: the interviews conducted as part of this project are available should you wish to reference anything or conduct your own research.


When the book is ready for production and no more changes are expected, we would welcome translations. To translate the book, please create a sub-directory of the project, giving it the correct ISO639 code (for example, pt for Portuguese), and submit a pull request.


The content has two licenses:

Just like WordPress, you are free to read, share, distribute, and modify the content however you want, passing on those freedoms to everyone else. Cool!


Our book about WordPress. Version 1




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