The Great Block Audit of 2018

Updated Nov 8, 2018

Audit all the blocks! ...from a design perspective, specifically with an eye to the following:

  • empty/placeholder state
  • primary settings
  • sidebar settings
  • appearance in frontend (maybe select a few representative themes to test for each)
  • icon + name + categorisation (some of them aren’t self-evident)
  • documentation (is there any?)
  • any bugs or errors
  • behaviour on mobile
  • accessibility

A note on process: Each individual block will have its own GitHub issue for the audit. Every one of the bugs/suggestions in those block audit tickets will be turned into a separate ticket. Once each one of those individual “child” tickets is closed, we’ll close the “parent” ticket.

API freeze

Updated Nov 14, 2018

All tasks that need to be resolved to ensure that Gutenberg API doesn't change anymore before planned WordPress 5.0 release.

Third-Party Compatibility

Updated Apr 24, 2018

Issues which aren't immediately actionable by Gutenberg, but impact its adoption in the broader world.


Updated Nov 19, 2018

Phase 2

Updated Oct 12, 2018

Blocks and tasks needed for customization in Gutenberg.

Potential blocks

Updated Nov 7, 2017

Blocks that are in addition to core ones to release Gutenberg with.


Updated Mar 7, 2018

Issues that need working on for documentation


Updated May 23, 2018

Tickets in this project can be closed for the time being, but can be worth revisiting in the future.