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Fix: Styling problem on vertically aligned blocks #20368



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jorgefilipecosta commented Feb 21, 2020


Fixes: #19962

Props to @mrleemon for suggesting this fix.

Some blocks did not work inside the columns block, this PR adds a CSS fix for the issue.
In my tests, the fix does not seem to have unexpected consequences.

cc: @aduth, @jasmussen, @getdave I would appreciate if you could double-check if this fix works as expected.

How has this been tested?

I added a columns block with two columns.
I added the Image Slider Block from the "Ultimate Blocks" plugin inside with some images inside the first column.
I added sample text on the second column making the height of the second column higher than the one of the first column.
I vertically aligned the columns to the three possible values and verified for each alignment the result looked correct. (On master the slider is broken).


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github-actions bot commented Feb 21, 2020

Size Change: +27 B (0%)

Total Size: 864 kB

Filename Size Change
build/block-library/style-rtl.css 7.49 kB +14 B (0%)
build/block-library/style.css 7.49 kB +13 B (0%)
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Filename Size Change
build/a11y/index.js 1.01 kB 0 B
build/annotations/index.js 3.43 kB 0 B
build/api-fetch/index.js 3.39 kB 0 B
build/autop/index.js 2.58 kB 0 B
build/blob/index.js 620 B 0 B
build/block-directory/index.js 6.02 kB 0 B
build/block-directory/style-rtl.css 760 B 0 B
build/block-directory/style.css 760 B 0 B
build/block-editor/index.js 104 kB 0 B
build/block-editor/style-rtl.css 9.78 kB 0 B
build/block-editor/style.css 9.77 kB 0 B
build/block-library/editor-rtl.css 7.67 kB 0 B
build/block-library/editor.css 7.67 kB 0 B
build/block-library/index.js 114 kB 0 B
build/block-library/theme-rtl.css 669 B 0 B
build/block-library/theme.css 671 B 0 B
build/block-serialization-default-parser/index.js 1.65 kB 0 B
build/block-serialization-spec-parser/index.js 3.1 kB 0 B
build/blocks/index.js 57.6 kB 0 B
build/components/index.js 190 kB 0 B
build/components/style-rtl.css 16.1 kB 0 B
build/components/style.css 16 kB 0 B
build/compose/index.js 5.76 kB 0 B
build/core-data/index.js 10.5 kB 0 B
build/data-controls/index.js 1.04 kB 0 B
build/data/index.js 8.22 kB 0 B
build/date/index.js 5.36 kB 0 B
build/deprecated/index.js 771 B 0 B
build/dom-ready/index.js 569 B 0 B
build/dom/index.js 3.06 kB 0 B
build/edit-post/index.js 90.7 kB 0 B
build/edit-post/style-rtl.css 8.7 kB 0 B
build/edit-post/style.css 8.69 kB 0 B
build/edit-site/index.js 4.58 kB 0 B
build/edit-site/style-rtl.css 2.77 kB 0 B
build/edit-site/style.css 2.76 kB 0 B
build/edit-widgets/index.js 4.36 kB 0 B
build/edit-widgets/style-rtl.css 2.8 kB 0 B
build/edit-widgets/style.css 2.79 kB 0 B
build/editor/editor-styles-rtl.css 327 B 0 B
build/editor/editor-styles.css 328 B 0 B
build/editor/index.js 45.1 kB 0 B
build/editor/style-rtl.css 4.13 kB 0 B
build/editor/style.css 4.11 kB 0 B
build/element/index.js 4.45 kB 0 B
build/escape-html/index.js 733 B 0 B
build/format-library/index.js 7.6 kB 0 B
build/format-library/style-rtl.css 500 B 0 B
build/format-library/style.css 501 B 0 B
build/hooks/index.js 1.92 kB 0 B
build/html-entities/index.js 621 B 0 B
build/i18n/index.js 3.45 kB 0 B
build/is-shallow-equal/index.js 711 B 0 B
build/keyboard-shortcuts/index.js 2.3 kB 0 B
build/keycodes/index.js 1.68 kB 0 B
build/list-reusable-blocks/index.js 2.99 kB 0 B
build/list-reusable-blocks/style-rtl.css 215 B 0 B
build/list-reusable-blocks/style.css 216 B 0 B
build/media-utils/index.js 4.85 kB 0 B
build/notices/index.js 1.57 kB 0 B
build/nux/index.js 3.02 kB 0 B
build/nux/style-rtl.css 616 B 0 B
build/nux/style.css 613 B 0 B
build/plugins/index.js 2.54 kB 0 B
build/primitives/index.js 1.49 kB 0 B
build/priority-queue/index.js 878 B 0 B
build/redux-routine/index.js 2.84 kB 0 B
build/rich-text/index.js 14.3 kB 0 B
build/server-side-render/index.js 2.54 kB 0 B
build/shortcode/index.js 1.7 kB 0 B
build/token-list/index.js 1.27 kB 0 B
build/url/index.js 4 kB 0 B
build/viewport/index.js 1.61 kB 0 B
build/warning/index.js 1.14 kB 0 B
build/wordcount/index.js 1.18 kB 0 B



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jasmussen commented Feb 24, 2020

In my quick test, this does appear to work as intended with no side-effects. Nice work! 👍 👍

@jorgefilipecosta jorgefilipecosta merged commit bef4179 into master Feb 24, 2020
4 checks passed
4 checks passed
Travis CI - Pull Request Build Passed
WordPress 5.4 Must Have automation moved this from Needs Review to Done Feb 24, 2020
@jorgefilipecosta jorgefilipecosta deleted the fix/style-problem-on-vertically-aligned-columns branch Feb 24, 2020
@github-actions github-actions bot added this to the Gutenberg 7.6 milestone Feb 24, 2020

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aduth commented Feb 25, 2020

I'm a bit confused what impact width has to have fixed the original issue. Related to that, it's not entirely clear to me why align-self: center would have caused #19962 in the first place (and whether or not this is an issue of the core column block, or the implementation of the affected custom blocks).

I might also be a little concerned how well an explicit width interoperates with the default flex styling of the column. There's a lot of potential edge cases with mobile, tablet, desktop column growth and with or without explicit widths on columns. @jasmussen tends to be pretty well-versed in testing these edge cases, so if he hadn't found an issue, it may not be a problem. To a more general question, I'm not entirely clear on how width is taken into consideration when an element otherwise uses flex-basis and flex-grow.


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mrleemon commented Feb 25, 2020

If it is of any use, another side-effect of NOT adding width: 100% to vertically-aligned columns is that the block inserter gets shrinked and is shifted to the left, center or right depending on the align-self value.


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