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Buttons: Add typography supports to button/s blocks #43934



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@aaronrobertshaw aaronrobertshaw commented Sep 7, 2022



  • Opts into all typography supports for the Buttons block
  • Opts into missing typography supports for the Button block

Note: This PR is very similar to #43649 & #41435 but combines the changes for both blocks to facilitate easier testing and ensuring the two "opt-ins" play nice together.


  • Opting into typography support for the Buttons block allows styles to be set once for for all buttons in a given group
  • Helps improve consistency across our design tools (See #43242 for more info)


  • Opts into all typography supports for Buttons block
  • Opts into missing typography supports for Button block
  • Adds a custom CSS class name to the Buttons block if a font size is selected. This allows such blocks to apply styles to the inner button link to inherit font size.
  • Adds additional styles to detect when a Button or Buttons block has text-decoration applied and style the inner button links to inherit that style.

Testing Instructions

  1. Add a Buttons block to a post and select it
  2. Within the typography panel of the inspector controls sidebar, toggle on all typography controls
  3. Experiment with various typography settings and ensure they are reflected on the buttons within the editor
  4. Save the post and confirm the styles are present on the frontend
  5. Back in the editor, select an individual Button block and repeat the same process as with its parent block.
  6. The individual button's styles should override those you set on the parent Buttons block in both the editor and front end.
  7. Test theme.json and global styles styling of Button blocks continues to work.
  8. In the interests of thoroughness, style the Buttons block via theme.json together with styles for the Button block and ensure that the Button block styles take precedence.

Example: Theme.json snippet. (

			"core/buttons": {
				"typography": {
					"lineHeight": "2em",
					"letterSpacing": "2px",
					"textTransform": "uppercase",
					"fontWeight": "300",
					"fontStyle": "italic"

Note: Given the Button block's styles these might override theme.json/global styles generated for the Buttons block (e.g. text-decoration). I think this is ok for now and shouldn't block this PR given styling Button blocks globally is essentially the same as styling a Buttons block and having that apply to the inner Button blocks. A Button block can only be added within a Buttons block anyway.

Screenshots or screencast

@aaronrobertshaw aaronrobertshaw added [Type] Enhancement A suggestion for improvement. [Block] Buttons Affects the Buttons Block [Feature] Design Tools Tools that impact the appearance of blocks both to expand the number of tools and improve the experi [Feature] Typography Font and typography-related issues and PRs labels Sep 7, 2022
@aaronrobertshaw aaronrobertshaw self-assigned this Sep 7, 2022
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github-actions bot commented Sep 7, 2022

Size Change: +540 B (0%)

Total Size: 1.25 MB

Filename Size Change
build/block-library/blocks/button/editor-rtl.css 482 B +41 B (+9%) 🔍
build/block-library/blocks/button/editor.css 482 B +41 B (+9%) 🔍
build/block-library/blocks/button/style-rtl.css 523 B +18 B (+4%)
build/block-library/blocks/button/style.css 523 B +18 B (+4%)
build/block-library/blocks/buttons/editor-rtl.css 337 B +45 B (+15%) ⚠️
build/block-library/blocks/buttons/editor.css 337 B +45 B (+15%) ⚠️
build/block-library/blocks/buttons/style-rtl.css 332 B +57 B (+21%) 🚨
build/block-library/blocks/buttons/style.css 332 B +57 B (+21%) 🚨
build/block-library/editor-rtl.css 11 kB +39 B (0%)
build/block-library/editor.css 11 kB +37 B (0%)
build/block-library/index.min.js 188 kB +94 B (0%)
build/block-library/style-rtl.css 12 kB +24 B (0%)
build/block-library/style.css 12 kB +24 B (0%)
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Filename Size
build/a11y/index.min.js 982 B
build/annotations/index.min.js 2.76 kB
build/api-fetch/index.min.js 2.26 kB
build/autop/index.min.js 2.14 kB
build/blob/index.min.js 475 B
build/block-directory/index.min.js 7.05 kB
build/block-directory/style-rtl.css 990 B
build/block-directory/style.css 991 B
build/block-editor/default-editor-styles-rtl.css 378 B
build/block-editor/default-editor-styles.css 378 B
build/block-editor/index.min.js 161 kB
build/block-editor/style-rtl.css 15.2 kB
build/block-editor/style.css 15.2 kB
build/block-library/blocks/archives/editor-rtl.css 61 B
build/block-library/blocks/archives/editor.css 60 B
build/block-library/blocks/archives/style-rtl.css 65 B
build/block-library/blocks/archives/style.css 65 B
build/block-library/blocks/audio/editor-rtl.css 150 B
build/block-library/blocks/audio/editor.css 150 B
build/block-library/blocks/audio/style-rtl.css 122 B
build/block-library/blocks/audio/style.css 122 B
build/block-library/blocks/audio/theme-rtl.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/audio/theme.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/avatar/editor-rtl.css 116 B
build/block-library/blocks/avatar/editor.css 116 B
build/block-library/blocks/avatar/style-rtl.css 84 B
build/block-library/blocks/avatar/style.css 84 B
build/block-library/blocks/block/editor-rtl.css 161 B
build/block-library/blocks/block/editor.css 161 B
build/block-library/blocks/calendar/style-rtl.css 207 B
build/block-library/blocks/calendar/style.css 207 B
build/block-library/blocks/categories/editor-rtl.css 84 B
build/block-library/blocks/categories/editor.css 83 B
build/block-library/blocks/categories/style-rtl.css 100 B
build/block-library/blocks/categories/style.css 100 B
build/block-library/blocks/code/editor-rtl.css 53 B
build/block-library/blocks/code/editor.css 53 B
build/block-library/blocks/code/style-rtl.css 103 B
build/block-library/blocks/code/style.css 103 B
build/block-library/blocks/code/theme-rtl.css 124 B
build/block-library/blocks/code/theme.css 124 B
build/block-library/blocks/columns/editor-rtl.css 108 B
build/block-library/blocks/columns/editor.css 108 B
build/block-library/blocks/columns/style-rtl.css 406 B
build/block-library/blocks/columns/style.css 406 B
build/block-library/blocks/comment-author-avatar/editor-rtl.css 125 B
build/block-library/blocks/comment-author-avatar/editor.css 125 B
build/block-library/blocks/comment-content/style-rtl.css 92 B
build/block-library/blocks/comment-content/style.css 92 B
build/block-library/blocks/comment-template/style-rtl.css 187 B
build/block-library/blocks/comment-template/style.css 185 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-pagination-numbers/editor-rtl.css 123 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-pagination-numbers/editor.css 121 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-pagination/editor-rtl.css 222 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-pagination/editor.css 209 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-pagination/style-rtl.css 235 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-pagination/style.css 231 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-title/editor-rtl.css 75 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments-title/editor.css 75 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments/editor-rtl.css 834 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments/editor.css 832 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments/style-rtl.css 632 B
build/block-library/blocks/comments/style.css 630 B
build/block-library/blocks/cover/editor-rtl.css 605 B
build/block-library/blocks/cover/editor.css 607 B
build/block-library/blocks/cover/style-rtl.css 1.55 kB
build/block-library/blocks/cover/style.css 1.55 kB
build/block-library/blocks/embed/editor-rtl.css 293 B
build/block-library/blocks/embed/editor.css 293 B
build/block-library/blocks/embed/style-rtl.css 410 B
build/block-library/blocks/embed/style.css 410 B
build/block-library/blocks/embed/theme-rtl.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/embed/theme.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/file/editor-rtl.css 300 B
build/block-library/blocks/file/editor.css 300 B
build/block-library/blocks/file/style-rtl.css 253 B
build/block-library/blocks/file/style.css 254 B
build/block-library/blocks/file/view.min.js 346 B
build/block-library/blocks/freeform/editor-rtl.css 2.44 kB
build/block-library/blocks/freeform/editor.css 2.44 kB
build/block-library/blocks/gallery/editor-rtl.css 948 B
build/block-library/blocks/gallery/editor.css 950 B
build/block-library/blocks/gallery/style-rtl.css 1.53 kB
build/block-library/blocks/gallery/style.css 1.53 kB
build/block-library/blocks/gallery/theme-rtl.css 108 B
build/block-library/blocks/gallery/theme.css 108 B
build/block-library/blocks/group/editor-rtl.css 337 B
build/block-library/blocks/group/editor.css 337 B
build/block-library/blocks/group/style-rtl.css 57 B
build/block-library/blocks/group/style.css 57 B
build/block-library/blocks/group/theme-rtl.css 78 B
build/block-library/blocks/group/theme.css 78 B
build/block-library/blocks/heading/style-rtl.css 76 B
build/block-library/blocks/heading/style.css 76 B
build/block-library/blocks/html/editor-rtl.css 327 B
build/block-library/blocks/html/editor.css 329 B
build/block-library/blocks/image/editor-rtl.css 876 B
build/block-library/blocks/image/editor.css 873 B
build/block-library/blocks/image/style-rtl.css 627 B
build/block-library/blocks/image/style.css 630 B
build/block-library/blocks/image/theme-rtl.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/image/theme.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/latest-comments/style-rtl.css 284 B
build/block-library/blocks/latest-comments/style.css 284 B
build/block-library/blocks/latest-posts/editor-rtl.css 213 B
build/block-library/blocks/latest-posts/editor.css 212 B
build/block-library/blocks/latest-posts/style-rtl.css 463 B
build/block-library/blocks/latest-posts/style.css 462 B
build/block-library/blocks/list/style-rtl.css 88 B
build/block-library/blocks/list/style.css 88 B
build/block-library/blocks/media-text/editor-rtl.css 266 B
build/block-library/blocks/media-text/editor.css 263 B
build/block-library/blocks/media-text/style-rtl.css 507 B
build/block-library/blocks/media-text/style.css 505 B
build/block-library/blocks/more/editor-rtl.css 431 B
build/block-library/blocks/more/editor.css 431 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-link/editor-rtl.css 705 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-link/editor.css 703 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-link/style-rtl.css 115 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-link/style.css 115 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-submenu/editor-rtl.css 296 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-submenu/editor.css 295 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation-submenu/view.min.js 423 B
build/block-library/blocks/navigation/editor-rtl.css 1.99 kB
build/block-library/blocks/navigation/editor.css 2 kB
build/block-library/blocks/navigation/style-rtl.css 2.15 kB
build/block-library/blocks/navigation/style.css 2.14 kB
build/block-library/blocks/navigation/view-modal.min.js 2.78 kB
build/block-library/blocks/navigation/view.min.js 443 B
build/block-library/blocks/nextpage/editor-rtl.css 395 B
build/block-library/blocks/nextpage/editor.css 395 B
build/block-library/blocks/page-list/editor-rtl.css 363 B
build/block-library/blocks/page-list/editor.css 363 B
build/block-library/blocks/page-list/style-rtl.css 175 B
build/block-library/blocks/page-list/style.css 175 B
build/block-library/blocks/paragraph/editor-rtl.css 174 B
build/block-library/blocks/paragraph/editor.css 174 B
build/block-library/blocks/paragraph/style-rtl.css 260 B
build/block-library/blocks/paragraph/style.css 260 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-author/style-rtl.css 175 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-author/style.css 176 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-comments-form/editor-rtl.css 96 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-comments-form/editor.css 96 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-comments-form/style-rtl.css 493 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-comments-form/style.css 493 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-date/style-rtl.css 61 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-date/style.css 61 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-excerpt/editor-rtl.css 73 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-excerpt/editor.css 73 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-excerpt/style-rtl.css 69 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-excerpt/style.css 69 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-featured-image/editor-rtl.css 507 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-featured-image/editor.css 505 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-featured-image/style-rtl.css 166 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-featured-image/style.css 166 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-template/editor-rtl.css 99 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-template/editor.css 98 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-template/style-rtl.css 282 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-template/style.css 282 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-terms/style-rtl.css 73 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-terms/style.css 73 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-title/style-rtl.css 100 B
build/block-library/blocks/post-title/style.css 100 B
build/block-library/blocks/preformatted/style-rtl.css 103 B
build/block-library/blocks/preformatted/style.css 103 B
build/block-library/blocks/pullquote/editor-rtl.css 135 B
build/block-library/blocks/pullquote/editor.css 135 B
build/block-library/blocks/pullquote/style-rtl.css 326 B
build/block-library/blocks/pullquote/style.css 325 B
build/block-library/blocks/pullquote/theme-rtl.css 167 B
build/block-library/blocks/pullquote/theme.css 167 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-pagination-numbers/editor-rtl.css 122 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-pagination-numbers/editor.css 121 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-pagination/editor-rtl.css 221 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-pagination/editor.css 211 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-pagination/style-rtl.css 282 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-pagination/style.css 278 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-title/style-rtl.css 63 B
build/block-library/blocks/query-title/style.css 63 B
build/block-library/blocks/query/editor-rtl.css 439 B
build/block-library/blocks/query/editor.css 439 B
build/block-library/blocks/quote/style-rtl.css 213 B
build/block-library/blocks/quote/style.css 213 B
build/block-library/blocks/quote/theme-rtl.css 223 B
build/block-library/blocks/quote/theme.css 226 B
build/block-library/blocks/read-more/style-rtl.css 132 B
build/block-library/blocks/read-more/style.css 132 B
build/block-library/blocks/rss/editor-rtl.css 202 B
build/block-library/blocks/rss/editor.css 204 B
build/block-library/blocks/rss/style-rtl.css 289 B
build/block-library/blocks/rss/style.css 288 B
build/block-library/blocks/search/editor-rtl.css 165 B
build/block-library/blocks/search/editor.css 165 B
build/block-library/blocks/search/style-rtl.css 396 B
build/block-library/blocks/search/style.css 393 B
build/block-library/blocks/search/theme-rtl.css 114 B
build/block-library/blocks/search/theme.css 114 B
build/block-library/blocks/separator/editor-rtl.css 146 B
build/block-library/blocks/separator/editor.css 146 B
build/block-library/blocks/separator/style-rtl.css 233 B
build/block-library/blocks/separator/style.css 233 B
build/block-library/blocks/separator/theme-rtl.css 194 B
build/block-library/blocks/separator/theme.css 194 B
build/block-library/blocks/shortcode/editor-rtl.css 464 B
build/block-library/blocks/shortcode/editor.css 464 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-logo/editor-rtl.css 488 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-logo/editor.css 488 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-logo/style-rtl.css 203 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-logo/style.css 203 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-tagline/editor-rtl.css 86 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-tagline/editor.css 86 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-title/editor-rtl.css 84 B
build/block-library/blocks/site-title/editor.css 84 B
build/block-library/blocks/social-link/editor-rtl.css 184 B
build/block-library/blocks/social-link/editor.css 184 B
build/block-library/blocks/social-links/editor-rtl.css 674 B
build/block-library/blocks/social-links/editor.css 673 B
build/block-library/blocks/social-links/style-rtl.css 1.4 kB
build/block-library/blocks/social-links/style.css 1.39 kB
build/block-library/blocks/spacer/editor-rtl.css 322 B
build/block-library/blocks/spacer/editor.css 322 B
build/block-library/blocks/spacer/style-rtl.css 48 B
build/block-library/blocks/spacer/style.css 48 B
build/block-library/blocks/table/editor-rtl.css 494 B
build/block-library/blocks/table/editor.css 494 B
build/block-library/blocks/table/style-rtl.css 611 B
build/block-library/blocks/table/style.css 609 B
build/block-library/blocks/table/theme-rtl.css 190 B
build/block-library/blocks/table/theme.css 190 B
build/block-library/blocks/tag-cloud/style-rtl.css 239 B
build/block-library/blocks/tag-cloud/style.css 239 B
build/block-library/blocks/template-part/editor-rtl.css 235 B
build/block-library/blocks/template-part/editor.css 235 B
build/block-library/blocks/template-part/theme-rtl.css 101 B
build/block-library/blocks/template-part/theme.css 101 B
build/block-library/blocks/text-columns/editor-rtl.css 95 B
build/block-library/blocks/text-columns/editor.css 95 B
build/block-library/blocks/text-columns/style-rtl.css 166 B
build/block-library/blocks/text-columns/style.css 166 B
build/block-library/blocks/verse/style-rtl.css 87 B
build/block-library/blocks/verse/style.css 87 B
build/block-library/blocks/video/editor-rtl.css 561 B
build/block-library/blocks/video/editor.css 563 B
build/block-library/blocks/video/style-rtl.css 174 B
build/block-library/blocks/video/style.css 174 B
build/block-library/blocks/video/theme-rtl.css 126 B
build/block-library/blocks/video/theme.css 126 B
build/block-library/common-rtl.css 1.02 kB
build/block-library/common.css 1.02 kB
build/block-library/editor-elements-rtl.css 75 B
build/block-library/editor-elements.css 75 B
build/block-library/elements-rtl.css 54 B
build/block-library/elements.css 54 B
build/block-library/reset-rtl.css 478 B
build/block-library/reset.css 478 B
build/block-library/theme-rtl.css 719 B
build/block-library/theme.css 722 B
build/block-serialization-default-parser/index.min.js 1.1 kB
build/block-serialization-spec-parser/index.min.js 2.83 kB
build/blocks/index.min.js 49.6 kB
build/components/index.min.js 198 kB
build/components/style-rtl.css 11.5 kB
build/components/style.css 11.5 kB
build/compose/index.min.js 12 kB
build/core-data/index.min.js 15.5 kB
build/customize-widgets/index.min.js 11.3 kB
build/customize-widgets/style-rtl.css 1.38 kB
build/customize-widgets/style.css 1.38 kB
build/data-controls/index.min.js 653 B
build/data/index.min.js 8.06 kB
build/date/index.min.js 32.1 kB
build/deprecated/index.min.js 507 B
build/dom-ready/index.min.js 324 B
build/dom/index.min.js 4.69 kB
build/edit-navigation/index.min.js 16 kB
build/edit-navigation/style-rtl.css 3.99 kB
build/edit-navigation/style.css 4 kB
build/edit-post/classic-rtl.css 546 B
build/edit-post/classic.css 547 B
build/edit-post/index.min.js 30.7 kB
build/edit-post/style-rtl.css 6.94 kB
build/edit-post/style.css 6.94 kB
build/edit-site/index.min.js 57.9 kB
build/edit-site/style-rtl.css 8.2 kB
build/edit-site/style.css 8.18 kB
build/edit-widgets/index.min.js 16.5 kB
build/edit-widgets/style-rtl.css 4.34 kB
build/edit-widgets/style.css 4.34 kB
build/editor/index.min.js 41.6 kB
build/editor/style-rtl.css 3.66 kB
build/editor/style.css 3.65 kB
build/element/index.min.js 4.68 kB
build/escape-html/index.min.js 537 B
build/format-library/index.min.js 6.75 kB
build/format-library/style-rtl.css 571 B
build/format-library/style.css 571 B
build/hooks/index.min.js 1.64 kB
build/html-entities/index.min.js 448 B
build/i18n/index.min.js 3.77 kB
build/is-shallow-equal/index.min.js 527 B
build/keyboard-shortcuts/index.min.js 1.78 kB
build/keycodes/index.min.js 1.81 kB
build/list-reusable-blocks/index.min.js 1.74 kB
build/list-reusable-blocks/style-rtl.css 835 B
build/list-reusable-blocks/style.css 835 B
build/media-utils/index.min.js 2.93 kB
build/notices/index.min.js 953 B
build/nux/index.min.js 2.05 kB
build/nux/style-rtl.css 732 B
build/nux/style.css 728 B
build/plugins/index.min.js 1.94 kB
build/preferences-persistence/index.min.js 2.22 kB
build/preferences/index.min.js 1.3 kB
build/primitives/index.min.js 933 B
build/priority-queue/index.min.js 612 B
build/react-i18n/index.min.js 696 B
build/react-refresh-entry/index.min.js 8.44 kB
build/react-refresh-runtime/index.min.js 7.31 kB
build/redux-routine/index.min.js 2.74 kB
build/reusable-blocks/index.min.js 2.21 kB
build/reusable-blocks/style-rtl.css 256 B
build/reusable-blocks/style.css 256 B
build/rich-text/index.min.js 10.4 kB
build/server-side-render/index.min.js 1.61 kB
build/shortcode/index.min.js 1.53 kB
build/token-list/index.min.js 644 B
build/url/index.min.js 3.61 kB
build/vendors/react-dom.min.js 38.5 kB
build/vendors/react.min.js 4.34 kB
build/viewport/index.min.js 1.09 kB
build/warning/index.min.js 268 B
build/widgets/index.min.js 7.19 kB
build/widgets/style-rtl.css 1.18 kB
build/widgets/style.css 1.19 kB
build/wordcount/index.min.js 1.06 kB


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glendaviesnz commented Sep 9, 2022

A font size added in the global styles doesn't override the default font size added to the button link, eg. in the following font size x-large is added in global styles, but doesn't show in the top button, but the second one has x-large set at the Buttons block level in post editor and it does work as the use of ! important in this case overrides the default:

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 1 07 31 PM

this could be a tricky one to resolve, but will have a play around with it.

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Contributor Author

Thanks for testing this one @glendaviesnz 👍

A font size added in the global styles doesn't override the default font size added to the button link

Can you confirm if you were adding the font size to the Buttons or Button block in Global Styles?

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Can you confirm if you were adding the font size to the Buttons or Button block in Global Styles?

That was with Buttons, it works as expected if you add it to Button in global styles.

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Contributor Author

Thanks for clarifying. I did encounter that while testing this myself. It's what lead to the note in the PR description.

Note: Given the Button block's styles these might override theme.json/global styles generated for the Buttons block (e.g. text-decoration). I think this is ok for now and shouldn't block this PR given styling Button blocks globally is essentially the same as styling a Buttons block and having that apply to the inner Button blocks. A Button block can only be added within a Buttons block anyway.

Given you can get that global styling for buttons via the Button block in Global Styles, are you ok with not letting this issue block the PR? We can explore ways to disable global styles for the Buttons block or remove conflicts down the road. I wasn't comfortable changing the styles for the Button block given how many themes might rely on them.

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I did encounter that while testing this myself. It's what lead to the note in the PR description.

Sorry, I misread that description note, I agree that no need to make this a blocker.

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@glendaviesnz glendaviesnz left a comment

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✅ Could add typography supports in post editor tools panel and changes were reflected in editor and frontend for Button and Buttons
✅ Could set typography supports in global styles and change reflected in site editor, post editor and frontend, with exception of the noted issues of Button styles overriding some global Buttons styles
✅ Could set typography supports in theme.json and both reflected in editor and frontend

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Contributor Author

Sorry, I misread that description note, I agree that no need to make this a blocker.

Too many uses of Button, Buttons, button, and buttons. It could have been clearer. Thanks for taking a deeper look to see if I missed anything.

@aaronrobertshaw aaronrobertshaw merged commit 5283c7d into trunk Sep 9, 2022
@aaronrobertshaw aaronrobertshaw deleted the add/typography-support-to-button-and-buttons-blocks branch September 9, 2022 02:15
@github-actions github-actions bot added this to the Gutenberg 14.1 milestone Sep 9, 2022
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@@ -75,3 +75,7 @@
div[data-type="core/button"] {
display: table;

.editor-styles-wrapper .wp-block-button[style*="text-decoration"] .wp-block-button__link {
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Why was .editor-styles-wrapper needed here? What breaks if it's removed?

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At the time of this PR, I believe it was required for custom typography settings to be applied properly when set on a block instance. From memory, that might have been related to Global Styles getting scoped to under that editor styles wrapper class.

If we want to clean this up, we'd just need to re-test following the PR test instructions. If the button styles all behave we should be safe to remove these editor styles.

I've run out of time today but a quick test shows it should be ok to remove the editor styles. I might have also found a secondary minor issue with text transform styles.

A draft PR is up in #56630 but I'll need to give it a more thorough test before it is ready.

Thanks for flagging this @ellatrix 👍

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This might help to avoid it for the non iframed editor: #56649

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