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feat: Add a test for #9326 #9454

merged 1 commit into from Sep 25, 2018


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3 participants

tofumatt commented Aug 30, 2018

Adds a test for the new Code -> Preformatted transform, added in #9326.

@tofumatt tofumatt requested a review from WordPress/gutenberg-core Aug 30, 2018

// Hover over this block to show its toolbar so we can click on the block
// conversion button.
const insertionPoint = await page.$( '.editor-block-list__block-edit' );

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tofumatt Aug 30, 2018


This could stand to be a helper too, just let me know. 🤷‍♂️


tofumatt Aug 30, 2018


This could stand to be a helper too, just let me know. 🤷‍♂️

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gziolo Aug 30, 2018


Oh yeas, please. We use it in a few places with a different implementation.


gziolo Aug 30, 2018


Oh yeas, please. We use it in a few places with a different implementation.

@tofumatt tofumatt self-assigned this Sep 7, 2018


gziolo approved these changes Sep 25, 2018

Let's get it in. It looks good. Thanks for working on automated tests :)

@gziolo gziolo added this to the 4.0 milestone Sep 25, 2018

@gziolo gziolo merged commit 973d8c9 into master Sep 25, 2018

2 checks passed

codecov/project 49.07% remains the same compared to b688d2e
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

@gziolo gziolo deleted the chore/add-test-for-9326 branch Sep 25, 2018

iseulde added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 25, 2018

tofumatt added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 25, 2018

tofumatt added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 25, 2018

iseulde added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 27, 2018

iseulde added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 28, 2018

iseulde added a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 1, 2018

iseulde added a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 1, 2018

iseulde added a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 1, 2018

RichText state structure for value manipulation (#7890)
* [squashed] RichText structure:

1fbad6edc2b3f4c4752f19630cf5ef57754a69ee Fix links e2e test with auto focus
138655ecadfdb744ebdbf542ebd2af7582b912d1 Fix line break clean up
10acf8a4c96202d4e3e1729494eb590fdc51e1dd Reorganise create.js
8678a56f84bfd948d30303e5dd5a73eb10e74120 Fix link toolbar
3d42e2db51d74e7c2c856c1afd40f7261f2f0ed3 Split out escape HTML tools to separate package
29f2a959b9ecdf823aed70ce7bb8dfcb8df447e5 Corrections after rebase
9597714006869be3059f8597b230cd4689db8aa3 Deprecate node matcher
11d2b3ee83a2b904d5609a5b0398dca190e9d4dd More unit tests
964bb8a80b49b657c0eb0dfeac7d137d188ef7c9 Flatten selection structure
865187accf52b419a81f92ff3e61a7dbc85b4d91 Flatten record structure
4f94b9d3bb26ac7c14d9123c658151e0da5cb984 Add some docs
bbec4f134992cad9280d78aa970c9f4fa12119b3 Multiline adjustments
42c3fd95795965a670447e6a4e80a8b7a612fe54 Simplify multiline records
3b7d483b0af09ee929c48e771053b2dc73d2c2dd Restore completer ability to insert HTML
796c01404cbb366d11d8d479da27dde19c842706 Fix splitting and merging e2e tests
376f3e753cdd187fdac93343f8628f1265143c4b Fix writing flow test
ae5e549a027862b74c2ccfe619ea8999d07009b9 Fix whitespace
b5c32e75a246eb96b31f29a4e09a1b8fbb20182d Fix link e2e tests
a62c2641cdb63fbfdbd80dccf86b4f17391a7b00 Clean up create() tests
cd3ec6d357df3c045ea74ad54749d893a7ef26c3 Add create() selection tests
f839f1bfbd808f5a2e0aa1a8378c1e4b4a7bd857 Fix block icons e2e tests
e97969f11b6f95c004ad4f63b4d49df00b087f0f Add createValue tests
27c3391a47427f2d1239eef00af68e6b84b1e1a5 Fix selection to always be set on text nodes
c41c54f35b75628445db595deab0efdd824a9b53 Restore format prop on RichText. Use it on verse for now to test.
4566268949ae14d50e12b0aa728ba132d5d8d564 Readability
7abbe9d2c7e939aa2136f0696d34b4b745e0802c Fix case where br sets entry in sparse array
11ca0435dbecf1e4d75ed2ccc74cb96e6bedb342 Address feedback + add sparse array length tests
7a1b29e6c2d83e602efeb392ce1e2f4ae67eceba Add back 'enter patterns'
0544aea4fc9774314a6fa0af153d78ccf44c68e4 Make tests less verbose (2)
a7f9d99dc763fc117eab5df8a29bedb9e074ecc0 Make tests less verbose
b7a3815461b341668a178d64d8288b732f1a69fd chore: Use `includes` instead of `indexOf`
25bed696e74962ce72b1884c18a5008946a76378 Allow format removal for uncollapsed selection
40c65f2b37c83e1a4a12b66281054c4f4f1b2e9e chore: Rename a few things for clarity
f585aa89251e5bedfeb13785c17df7ea895d0551 chore: Tweak acc variable name and comment
5b63dc5f6a3af8ee78f27f9adc5b7eed9786c706 e2e: fix link toolbar
1f72cdf9f24b085c2664a5f89baacea13b7f9cc8 chore: Fix typo
c8fef39c7112d6546c4fb55bcaa6c0ad08cf7a24 Fix some e2e tests
f23eea4d6fb31b1b15c594e647d87a7d52ead889 chore: Rename $3 to settings
ce483239c4d40efcd3ad00eebb6f381ac66c18dc Only apply selection if there is selection. Fixes splitting and merging selection bug
126c0f05638c54a9d054305cd7093533808e73d5 chore: rename accu to accumlator
d763f15c8a4c745e8d0b64ce14cfa36ea5d2e116 chore: Sorry, document is a keyword :'(
f2121f7bbe361765d274bad293057577fb0d7644 chore: Change doc to document
4cb73449c27ac599b43a5f7fac1b2805f6996189 chore: Rename accu to accumlator
25478fde1387dd2e255dea024c342a90edfc059e chore: Rename accu to accumlator
e19d5f466f023445b7fc2ec341021f403c8027f5 chore: Fix misspelling
c4ea8453049bbeb0250394194136bfbbefac7fda chore: whitespace tweak
8492bc79cc83cccdb23a04eca62132098d2e71e9 Add some tests for applying records to DOM
2a72f95a8d5f21937c5c1fa14930519e92f69af5 Reorganise
fa3d812385c82733a37f27c43f07cb1e98de418e Don't use DOM to create string from record
b3d7616ca91cbe41bfbbece5497bf7fba5502af7 Update selection and value at the same time. Clean up.
21615bb50ad4279d50022529a5aafcb172b9efd7 Restore Autocomplete API
f8ac82119ef01c77a33cd82a25ab230b2ab5e01a attribute source: rich-text => children
1806afd7ade0be412b3089cbd653722230fa7db3 Add test for referencing format objects
d6dcd7aa70a3a3c64847b26cd73779ba7378e8ee Clean up
3d5f8a95e6a2c634c68ac0b5618e4087cd681c10 Fix selection check inconsistencies
6612529bf120ebefbd4a9df687e643fa3a385623 chore: Allow trailing slash to be optional for img tag
8dc9354355c60054d8cb7f1d3b3a091cb6e47192 fix: Fix test for inline image tokens
c409c9ac4437049a3a68025d7bed6f3099b3991e Split up structure functions
d27a033fe18a1f962252f05f3a1a79ffbd86a491 Restore splitting on line breaks in list transform
e069f9a18a514bb31ce9956729c53e6663653615 Move rich text structure to separate package
ccd3f296f3dd6fde402297ea9ff2d61800afb6c3 Fix up link toolbar
f95ba89952f3ab28b0c6cde393f457e4236285e5 Remove format prop for now
95db205147f9df86782d15a44640629b9bf887e1 Add comments, remove custom formatters
f943f7a2110608fb3b5bc3af0a21c41052db5e21 Fix tests
0746e20 RichText state

* Test deprecated node matcher

* Fix equality check for deprecated node matcher value

* Deprecate wp.blocks.node and wp.blocks.children

* Value manipulation: ensure passed value is not mutated

* Fix initial selection RichText field

* Represent object format in text string

* Reduce this.editor dependency

* Adjust e2e test expected output

* More docs, rename things

* Make mobile tests pass

* Fix richTextValue dependency in test plugin

* Remove web logic from native format toolbar

* Mobile: drop custom formatters as well

* Mobile: absort formatting toolbar into RichText to reuse formatting methods

* RN entrypoints for escape-html, rich-text-value packages

* Rewrite multiline splitting

* Rebase: correct new tests

* Bump deprecation version and add to

* Adjust wrong isEmpty check in cover image block

* Update package.json

* Prepare packages for the intial release

* Fix package-lock.json file for the new packages

* Fix typo in pattern transform

* Rebase: fix new failing test #9454

* Abstract tree creation

* Restore children and node sources

* Clean up

* Fix isEmptyLine

* Adjust merge functions

* Clean up

* Polish: make create() easier to read

* Inline pasted text should be parsed as HTML

* Fix create() call after 9a754dc

* children and node sources should work without default set

* Cast default values of children and node sources as array

* Fix verse transform

* List merging: don't merge empty line

* Use line separator to separate multiline values, instead of double line breaks

* Change deprecation removal version

* Update quote to use line separators

* Guard against blocks passing null value to RichText

* Ensure formats with different reference are reduced to different nodes in tree output

* rich-text-value => rich-text, better deprecation messages, cast string to rich text value during block creation
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