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PostTaxonomies is a component used to render the taxonomy picker UI. It uses the FlatTermSelector or HierarchicalTermSelector components based on the value of the hierarchical argument specified in register_taxonomy.

The output of the respective taxonomy components can be customized using the following filter:

  • editor.PostTaxonomyType

This hook can be used to render alternative UI based on the needs of that taxonomy.

Custom Taxonomy Selector

For example, to render alternative UI for the taxonomy product-type, we can render custom markup or use the original component as shown below.

var el = wp.element.createElement;

function customizeProductTypeSelector( OriginalComponent ) {
	return function( props ) {
		if ( props.slug === 'product-type' ) {
			return el(
				'Product Type Selector'
		} else {
			return el(

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