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A collection of scripts that provision the official websites into a Varying Vagrant Vagrants installation.

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WordPress Meta Environment ( Deprecated )

⚠️ This repository is deprecated. Most newer projects have their own Docker/wp-env environments inside their Git repositories. Most contributors will have an easier time using these instead of the Meta Environment:

However, this repository may be the only way to provision some older sites. Support for that is limited, though, and you're encouraged to try a newer repository first.

The current goal is to convert these into separate repositories that use WP Env.



The Meta Environment (WME) aimed to make it easier to contribute to the network of official websites by automatically setting up a local development environment that is already provisioned with everything you need to get started on a patch. The environment will contain all of the open-source code that runs each supported site, as well as some sample data that mimics the production site.

The WME was built on top of VVV, and works by provisioning the sites into an existing VVV installation. You can find a lot of documentation and resources for working with VVV on its homepage.

You can find more information about contributing to the official WordPress websites from the Meta team's handbook.

Available Sites