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Project Board | Community Site | #openverse @ Slack | Handbook | Design Handbook | Releases mockups | Design Library

Openverse is a search engine for openly-licensed media.


Openverse is a powerful search engine for GPL-compatible images, audio, and more. Openverse is live at

This repository contains most of the codebase, except for the Openverse catalog. Eventually the catalog will be merged into this repository as well.

  • Catalog | The Apache Airflow-powered system for downloading and storing Openverse's metadata
  • Ingestion server | The mechanism for refreshing the data from the catalog to the API
  • API | The Django REST API for querying the database, used by the frontend
  • Frontend | The public search engine at, built with Vue and Nuxt
  • Automations | Scripts used for various workflows around Openverse repositories and processes
  • Utilities | Scripts or utilities which are useful across multiple projects or don't necessarily fit into a specific project.

This repository also contains the following directories.

  • Brand | Brand assets for Openverse such as logo and icon and guidelines for using these assets
  • Templates | Jinja templates that can be rendered into common scaffolding code for the project

Keep in touch

You can keep in touch with the project via the following channels:


To use the Openverse API, please refer to the API consumer documentation.


Pull requests are welcome! Feel free to join us on Slack and discuss the project with the engineers and community members on #openverse.

You are welcome to take any open issue in the tracker labelled help wanted or good first issue; there's no need to ask for permission in advance. Other issues are open for contribution as well, but may be less accessible or well-defined in comparison to those that are explicitly labelled.

See the contribution guide for details.


Openverse, previously known as CC Search, was conceived and built at Creative Commons. We thank them for their commitment to open source and openly licensed content, with particular thanks to previous team members @ryanmerkley, @janetpkr, @lizadaly, @sebworks, @pa-w, @kgodey, @annatuma, @mathemancer, @aldenstpage, @brenoferreira, and @sclachar, along with their community of volunteers.