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WordPress Props - GitHub Action

A GitHub Action with the goal of ensuring everyone receives the credit they deserve with easily parsable, style attribution.


This GitHub Action Helps with collecting contributors associated with a pull request by commenting with a formatted list of contributors.

For a full breakdown of the WordPress project's Props best practices, please consult the Making WordPress Core Handbook.


Required configurations

Key Default Description
token $GITHUB_TOKEN GitHub token with permission to comment on the pull request.
format git The style of contributor lists to include. Accepted values are svn, git, or all, or any combination of those separated by commas.

Example Workflow File

To get started, copy and commit the example-props-bot.yml file into the .github/workflows directory of your project's repository.

The example file is generously documented so it can be implemented and adjusted to suit the needs of your project.

If you need help implementing, you can fill out a request for help.