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WordPress Theme Experiments

⚠️ These themes are not intended for use on a production site.


This repository is dedicated to exploring how WordPress themes can best leverage Gutenberg blocks. Each sub-directory contains a WordPress theme that explores some aspect of creating themes using blocks or block templates.

What's Here

Theme Updated For
Ambitious Gutenberg 7.6
Empty Theme Gutenberg 12.0, WordPress 5.9.0
Gutenberg Starter Theme Blocks Gutenberg 8.6
Photo Blocks Gutenberg 9.5
Twenty Nineteen Blocks Gutenberg 8.6
Twenty Twenty Blocks Gutenberg 8.6
TT1 Blocks The version of the theme in this repository may rely on Gutenberg features that have not yet made it into an official release
Armando Gutenberg 10.6

require-gutenberg is a utility for themes to check whether the Gutenberg plugin is installed.

Submitting an experiment

We encourage you to submit your experiment to be included! To get started, check out the contributor's guide.


Most of the themes here rely on experimental Gutenberg functionality that must be turned on manually. We recommend testing with WordPress 5.3 or higher, PHP 7.3 or higher, and the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin. Here are general instructions for getting started:

  1. Clone this repository or upload a zip of the theme into your site’s themes directory.
  2. Install the Gutenberg plugin.
  3. Enable the "Full Site Editing" experiment in the Gutenberg > Experiments panel.
  4. Activate the new theme from within Appearance > Themes.

If the theme includes starter content, you'll want to install on a fresh site, and visit the Customizer after installation. Pressing the "Publish" in there should auto-populate the starter content.

Tip: WordPress will search for themes inside of subdirectories. If you'd like to test many of the themes experiments, you should be able to clone this entire repository into the /wp-content/themes/ folder of your test site.

Resources and Background

Here are some resources that may be useful context for learning more about block-based themes:

Generating your own starter theme

We have included a script so you can generate a theme based on a starter boilerplate with the minimum necessary to build your own block theme. You will need to have php installed to run it using:

php new-empty-theme.php

Questions or Improvements?

If you'd like to propose improvements to this repository, feel free to open an issue or PR.