A simple gem for managing your Github project uploads
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github-downloads - a gem for managing your downloads, on Github

This is a simple gem that does exactly what it says on the tin: manages your Github project downloads.

$ gem install github-downloads

It can be used to list the downloads for your project:

$ github-downloads list -u lukeredpath -r simpleconfig

It can also be used to create a new download:

$ github-downloads create -u lukeredpath -r simpleconfig -f ~/myproject/somefile.zip -d "This is an important file"


The gem uses HTTP Basic authentication. You should not specify your password on the command line - the gem will prompt you to enter your password securely when needed. If you are using OSX, the password will be stored in - with your permission - in the OSX Keychain.

Github::Client, a generic Github API client

The gem is built on top of version 3 of the Github API; included in the source is a class, Github::Client, a simple wrapper around the Github API that uses RestClient and simplifies communication with the Github API.

It provides a simple interface to the Github REST API. It handles errors appropriately and returns parsed response data as well as additional metadata such as API rate limits.

It doesn't aim to be a full-blown Github API library (completely with a local domain model) but a very thin utility ckass that can be used to write other simple scripts and gems, like this one. Feel free to use this in your own project if you are working with the Github API.


This code is provided under the terms of the MIT license.