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Works on ARM newsletter, Edward Vielmetti, Director of Special Projects, Packet.

Available on Github, posted to Twitter @worksonarm on Fridays at noon, and send mail to to be added to a distribution list.

In this issue: 98 open spec hacker friendly single board computers, Automotive Grade Linux, ThunderX2 presentations at HPC conference, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 + Microsoft Windows 10, Minio on Go speedups from FOSDEM, and Wireguard VPN with ARM speedups.

In this issue: Gigabyte announces Cavium ThunderX2 support; Alpine Linux 3.6.0, 3.6.1; New Docker container directory for "arm64v8"; OpenSUSE on ARM hardware; Ard Biesheuvel's "Works of ARD" weblog and "Project dogfood"; and pigz, a fast parallel version of gzip.

In this issue: Apache Cassandra performance report from MityLytics; Go 1.8.3 release; Elixir and Erlang; HHVM, a virtual machine for running PHP and Hack; GNU Parallel, FFmpeg, a video transcoder; and Firefly's ARMv8 Kickstarter.

In this issue: developer resources from ARM, HPE's "The Machine", a NAS Kickstarter from Helios, the controversy over systemd that launched Devuan, OpenJDK builds from AdoptOpenJDK, Go 1.9 speedups in the queue, and more.

This issue has Resin's 144-node ARM-based "Beast" cluster, a conference report from Red Hat Summit in Boston, video from DockerCon in Austin, an OpenBSD 6.1 release, and software from NGINX and Portainer.