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⚠️ Deprecated in favour of its complete re-write - please use fantasticon instead


Icon font generator


Easy-to-use, pre-configured cli tool to generate webfont icon kits from a bunch of .svg files


This cli utility is ment to make webfont icon sets creation from the command line really simple - It wraps and pre-configures webfonts-generator, but allows for some degree of customisation.

It also does a couple extra things such as creating a .json file containing the icons to unicode characters map, which may be later used in styles, templates, etc..

Upgrading from v1.x.x

!! If you're upgrading from v1.x.x to v2.x.x - here's the changelog and thoubleshooting:

!! icon-font-generator v2.x.x >= requires Node.js >= v8.1.0 - is you wish to run on a lower version, use v1.1.2


npm install -g icon-font-generator


Quick usage
icon-font-generator my-icons/*.svg -o icon-dist
Cli params
Usage   : icon-font-generator [ svg-icons-glob ] -o [ output-dir ] [ options ]
Example : icon-font-generator src/*.svg -o dist

  -o, --out        Output icon font set files to <out> directory
  -n, --name       Name to use for generated fonts and files (Default: icons)
  -s, --silent     Do not produce output logs other than errors (Default: false)
  -f, --fontspath  Relative path to fonts directory to use in output files (Default: ./)
  -c, --css        Generate CSS file if true (Default: true)
  --csspath        CSS output path (Defaults to <out>/<name>.css)
  --cssfontsurl    CSS fonts directory url (Defaults to relative path)
  --csstp          CSS handlebars template path (Optional)
  --html           Generate HTML preview file if true (Default: true)
  --htmlpath       HTML output path (Defaults to <out>/<name>.html)
  --types          Font types - (Defaults to 'svg, ttf, woff, woff2, eot')
  --htmltp         HTML handlebars template path (Optional)
  -j, --json       Generate JSON map file if true (Default: true)
  --jsonpath       JSON output path (Defaults to <out>/<name>.json)
  -p, --prefix     CSS classname prefix for icons (Default: icon)
  -t, --tag        CSS base tag for icons (Default: i)
  --selector       Use a selector instead of 'tag + prefix' (Default: null)
  --normalize      Normalize icons sizes (Default: false)
  --round          Setup SVG rounding (Default: 10e12)
  --descent        Offset applied to the baseline (Default: 0)
  --mono           Make font monospace (Default: false)
  --height         Fixed font height value
  --center         Center font horizontally


Copyright (c) 2014 Ltd. - Released under the MIT license