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Advanced Achievements enables unique and challenging achievements on Minecraft servers. Collect as many as you can, earn rewards, climb the rankings and receive RP books! The plugin supports SQLite, MySQL, H2 and PostgreSQL, manages an extensive statistics system, handles YAML configuration files and features fancy in-game GUIs and effects!

Getting started

💿 Setup

Ensure you have the JDK and Maven installed, and simply run the following commands in a terminal:

git clone
cd AdvancedAchievements
mvn clean install

Your generated AdvancedAchievements.jar can be found in the target folder.

🌎 Useful links

  • Spigot, homepage of the plugin.

  • Bukkit, another homepage.

  • Wiki, a lot of valuable information on how to set the plugin up and use it properly.

  • Translations, 17 languages available, feel free to improve them!


$ code

Want to make Advanced Achievements better, faster, stronger? Contributions are more than welcome, open a pull request and share your code! Simply fork the repository by clicking on the icon on the top right of this page and refer to the Wiki to get your copy up and running and interact with the plugin.

💬 Support

Thought of a cool idea? Found a problem or need some help? Simply open an issue!

⭐️ Thanks

Find the project useful, fun or interesting? Star the repository by clicking on the icon on the top right of this page!


GNU General Public License v3.0