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WorldBrain's Memex

Financial Contributors on Open Collective

Table Of Content

  1. Memex Features
  2. Changelog and Roadmap
  3. Contributing
    1. Report Bugs & Feature Requests
    2. Getting started as a developer
  4. License
  5. Our Funders

Memex Features

A browser extension to eliminate time spent bookmarking, retracing steps to recall an old webpage, or copy-pasting notes into scattered documents. Its name and functionalities are heavily inspired by Vannevar Bush's vision of a Memex. main_screen_new

Full-Text Search in Bookmarks:

Search with every word of all websites & PDFs you bookmarked, tagged, listed, or annotated. Filter by time, domain, list, or tags.

Highlights, Notes & Annotations:

Add notes to websites as a whole and to individual components (e.g. text, images)

Tags, Lists, Bookmarks

Add bookmarks, tags or sort websites into lists on the fly.

All Data Stored Locally

All personal data is stored and processed on your own computer and will never leave your computer without you either sharing, syncing or backing it up to an external cloud. For more details please see our privacy policy

Mobile Apps for iOS & Android + Encrypted Sync

With Memex Go you can save & organise content on the go. Sync is end2end encrypted with TweetNaCl


No VC Money, No Exit: Your Data & Attention Stays Yours

Memex is funded without VC money or selling shares. Instead we are funded with a model called "Steward Ownership". This model ensures that the company can never be sold and our investors are rewarded with a capped profit share. This way we will never be tempted by incentivizes to optimise our company for maximising growth and shareholder profits at the expense of your privacy, attention, or freed to choose a provider. You can find more about our choice in this post.


Backup and restore your data to any of your favorite cloud providers including Google Drive

📲 Import bookmarks and history from other services

Keyboard Shortcuts for everything

🗂 Tab manager: add all open tabs to a collection or tag

Changelog & Roadmap:

See a list of our past updates and upcoming features here.


Near term features where contributions are welcome

⭐️Archiving websites + reader mode + offline-viewing on mobile

⭐️Mobile Annotations

⭐️Support for Brave and Firefox on mobile

⭐️API to import/export your data & integrate with other apps

⭐️Bulk tag, delete, add to lists & bookmark of items

⭐️Nested Collections

Drop by in our team chat if you're interested in contributing to those features. Experience in React or React Native & Test Driven Development required

Bugs & Feature Requests

Head over to our community forums to post your requests.

Getting started as a developer

Click here for all instructions on how to build Memex so you can hack on it.


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Financial Contributors

Become a financial contributor and help us sustain our community. [Contribute]



Support this project with your organization. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Contribute]


Memex is MIT licensed. View full License

Funders, the company behind Memex, has been funded by a set of courageous investors & grant givers. See a full & up-to-date list here.