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Plot management plugin
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Bukkit Plugin for managing plots. The plugin is able to operate on worlds which are generated using a class that implement the IPlotMe_ChunkGenerator. PlotMe-DefaultGenerator is the first plugin that implement that generator.

Dev Builds:

Other plugins can be created into which PlotMe-Core can interact. Look at the PlotMe-DefaultGenerator source to see how it can be done.

I intend on creating in the near future the following plugin generators, but feel free to create one and I will create a link on the PlotMe page to your plugin.

  • Flat world generator with no roads, every plot is connected without anything visible. Option to have the plot world a different block but still allow it to be modified by the plot owner.
  • Normal world generator which does not customize blocks and no roads.

Ideas for other generators but that I will not create :

  • Islands
  • Space
  • Cave
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