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Multiple Pulse Sensor Visualizer

This processing sketch will display data from two Pulse Sensors.

Processing is a creative coding language. If you don't have Processing on your computer, you can download it here.

First, follow this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the Arduino code.

Modify Arduino Sketch

You will have to make one change to the example Arduino code. Near the top of the main page in the Arduino sketch TwoPulseSensors_On_OneArduino.ino there is the line


Change that line to


That will change the Serial output of the Arduino so that it can talk to this Processing sketch.

Works with more than 2 Pulse Sensors

This sketch is set to process signals from 2 Pulse Sensors. If you would like to use more than 2 Pulse Sensors, you will have to adjust the variable numSensors at the top of the main code page to the number that you want to work with.

NOTE: We don't make any guarantees for the functionality of this code with higher numbers of Pulse Sensors!