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  1. SpaceBirds SpaceBirds Public

    Satellite Tracker

    JavaScript 73 28

  2. WorldWeather WorldWeather Public

    The largest three-dimensional web-based interactive browser of satellite, weather, climate, and other time-aware geospatial data on the web, built upon NASA's revolutionary WorldWind technology.

    JavaScript 52 23

  3. EarthquakeApp EarthquakeApp Public

    Earthquake Signal Precursors, ESP, detection and forecast

    JavaScript 18 16

  4. AgroSphere AgroSphere Public

    An educational web application that visualizes the effects of climate change on agriculture using a large collection of global agriculture and weather station data.

    JavaScript 15 7

  5. Quake-Hunter Quake-Hunter Public

    3D visualization of earthquakes using their actual depth below the surface

    JavaScript 7 11

  6. CitySmart CitySmart Public

    Open framework for urban infrastructure management

    JavaScript 4 2


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