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DataScienceCohort Projects 2020

We have brought together some of the Brightest minds in Financial Data Science from around the World and want to share with you some of the most groundbreaking innovations in Financial Data Science (FinScience) and Financial Technology (FinTech).

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Project 1 - Quantamental Analysis Terms part 1

Project 2 - Quantamental Analysis Terms part 2

Project 3 - A Stock Prediction Model using Python and deployment with Flask with Documentation

Project 4 - Quantitative Finance with Quantopian (Data Science Report)

Project 5 - Machine Learning Credit Card Fraud Techniques (Data Science Report)

Project 6 - How to Create a Candlestick Chart in Python

Project 7 - How to Backtest a Simple Moving Average Strategy

Project 8 - How to Backtest a Bollinger Bands Strategy

Project 9 - How to Backtest a Relative Strength index Strategy¶

Project 10 - How to create a Interactive Dashboard using Python

Project 11 - How to create a Time Series

Project 12 - How to create a Fraud Detection Model

Project 13 - What is Decentralized Finance

Project 14 - CryptoCurrency (Simply Explained)

Project 15 - Stellar (Simply Explained)

Project 16 - Options (Simply Explained)

Project 17 - Deep Learning for Finance

Project 18 - Online Bank Account Application

Project 19 - Blockchain Simply

Project 20 - CyberSecurity and Financial Data Science

Project 21 - Data Science and CyberSecurity

Project 22 - Blockchain Engineering


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